Benny Breakiron

Benoît Brisefer

Benny Breakiron
Created by Peyo[1]
Publication information
Genre Action/adventure, Humor
Publication date Mid-December 1960
Status Ongoing
Country of origin Belgium
Original language French
Publisher Dupuis[2]
Formats Original material for the series has been published as a strip in the Belgian comics magazine Spirou, and as a set of graphic novels.
Main character(s) Benny Breakiron
Number of books published: 14
Creative team
Writer(s) Peyo and Studio Peyo
Artist(s) Peyo and Studio Peyo
Creator(s) Peyo
The series has been reprinted, at least in part, in Dutch, English, and German.
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Benny Breakiron (original French name Benoît Brisefer, translated "Benedict Ironbreaker") is a Belgian comic strip created in 1960 by Peyo (best known for the Smurfs) about a little boy whose peaceful, innocent appearance, charm and good manners covers his possession of superhuman strength similar to that of Asterix. Since Peyo's death it has been continued by other artists and writers. Parts of the series have been published in a number of languages around the world. In the United Kingdom, the character is called Steven Strong.

Papercutz has currently released the first four books from the Benny Breakiron series, "The Red Taxis", "Madame Adolphine", "The Twelve Tasks Of Benny Breakiron", and "Uncle Placid". A French-only motion picture based on the first book of the series is being released by Walt Disney Studios.

Publication History

The series originally published on Spriou, like most other Peyo's creations did in mid-December in 1960 with the first story, "The Red Taxis". The series quickly became a great success, especially among the female audiences. Since its great success, Peyo's have more work to do, the creation of the later stories had been very slow, it took another 3 years to complete the second story, "Madame Adolphine". After the second story, both its creators, Will and Peyo, left to work on their own series until 1966.

In 1963, another artist François Walthéry joined Studio Peyo. in 1966, the series resumed again with the artwork help of François. In the same year, the third story was published. But the cooperation between Peyo, François did not lasted long as François created his own series "Natacha". Peyo had to work alone again.

In the 1970s, the increase in the popularity of the Smurfs and the film "The Smurfs and The Magic Flute", made Peyo had no time to focus on other series. In the 1978, the last Benny Breakiron story he created was published. No any work was done about Benny Breakiron until early 1990s.

Peyo died in 1992, a year later, Benny Breakiron stories appeared again, but published in Le Lombard instead of Dupuis. however, it stopped again after 2004.

In 2014, the first Benny Breakiron film was shown in Europe in French by Lambart Productions also the comic story of Benny Breakiron restarted again and published 14th comic book. However, the film was unsatisfactory on both commercial and reputation.

Released Books

  1. Les Taxis Rogues ("The Red Taxis") 1960
  2. Madame Adolphine 1963
  3. Les Douze travaux de Benoît Brisefer ("The Twelve Tasks Of Benny Breakiron") 1966
  4. Tonton Placide ("Uncle Placid") 1968
  5. Le Cirque Bodoni ("The Bodoni Circus") 1969
  6. Lady d’Olphine 1972
  7. Le Fétiche ("The Fetish") 1978
  8. Hold-up sur pellicule ("Hold-Up On Film") 1993
  9. L'île de la désunion ("The Island Of Disunion") 1995
  10. La Route du sud ("The Southern Road") 1997
  11. Le Secret d'Églantine ("The Secret Of Eglantine") 1999
  12. Chocolats et coups fourrés ("Chocolates And Underhanded Tricks") 2002
  13. John-John 2004
  14. Sur Les Traces du Gorille Blanc ("On The Trail Of White Gorilla") 2015
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