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The 2010 wave of Smurf figurines uses a Zodiac theme for its basis.

Regular Smurfs

  • Capricorn Smurf: Goat horned Smurf.
  • Aquarius Smurf: Smurf carrying water.
  • Pisces Smurf. Fish-disguised Smurf
  • Aries Smurf: Smurf with ram horns.
  • Taurus Smurf: Smurf with bull horns and tail.
  • Gemini Smurf: Twin Smurfs.
  • Cancer Smurf: Smurf with crab claws.
  • Leo Smurf: Smurf with a lion mane and tail.
  • Virgo Smurfette: An angelic Smurfette.
  • Libra Papa Smurf: Papa Smurf holding scales.
  • Scorpio Smurf: Smurf with scorpion claws and tail.
  • Saggitarius Smurf: Centaur Smurf.
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