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"A Little Smurf Confidence" is a Season 3 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

As the Smurfs are busy working on the bridge crossing the River Smurf, Hefty oversees the activity and chooses the next Smurf in line for a task. One of the Smurfs in line, Weakling, is nervous and full of self-doubt, and soon he gets called upon to deliver some logs to the workers on the bridge. Weakling tells Hefty that he can't, but Hefty assures him that he can and hands him a single log to carry. As he tries to cross over to Handy Smurf with his load, Weakling's self-doubt gets the better of him and he ends up dropping the log, which causes him to fall into the river. Weakling then calls out for help, which Handy responds to by throwing him a line, but Weakling's self-doubt interferes with that rescue effort and he ends up losing his grip. Hefty jumps into the river to swim after Weakling and pull him to shore, managing to grab onto him before he ends up going over the waterfall.

Need a lift? Here comes Weakling!

In his house, Weakling is sitting with his feet soaking in hot water, berating himself as a total failure. Smurfette tries to offer him some comfort with a hot cup of smurfberry juice, but all Weakling could see is that he could never be as strong as Hefty is. Smurfette then goes to tell Papa Smurf that they need to do something about Weakling's problem. Papa Smurf tells her that his problem is that he lacks self-confidence, and that they must find ways to help Weakling believe in himself.

Handy is inspired to come up with a solution: in his workshop, he hollows out a log and stops it up with corks, making it light as a feather. Hefty decides to use it, and so he calls out to Weakling to carry the log for him, with himself and Handy feigning a back injury. Weakling at first doubts that he could ever carry that log, but as he picks it up, he finds out that he can, and so goes off into the woods to take it to the bridge. However, on his way, Brainy comes alongside Weakling to offer him support by piling on more logs for him to carry. Hefty and Handy tell Brainy not to do that, but it is too late: Weakling ends up collapsing from the heavy load. Brainy gets rewarded with a "morale boost" out of the village, while Hefty tries to tell Weakling that they meant well.

The Smurfs end up reporting to Papa Smurf that Weakling now has even less self-confidence. Smurfette thinks it's hopeless, and even Brainy says that he's all out of ideas. But Papa Smurf believes all is not lost yet, and that he may have the solution. With Weakling in his laboratory, the village leader offers the young Smurf something he calls Can Do It Cream, saying that all he has to do is put it on his nose and it will give him strength to do anything that he wants to. Weakling tries a little of the cream on his nose, and when Papa Smurf asks if he feels himself getting stronger, he says that he does.

Quickly Weakling goes out and finds his fellow Smurfs struggling to remove a large rock with a lever, with Brainy offering nothing but his own words of wisdom. Weakling simply jumps onto the lever, and the rock goes flying along with Brainy. Excited to find out that the Can Do It Cream works, Weakling goes to help Smurfette struggling to get a bucket of water out of the well. He just simply causes the bucket to rise high above the well and instantly water her plants, though the bucket ends up landing on Grouchy's head. He is so pleased with what the cream has done for him so far that he picks up Papa Smurf and whirls him around, enthusiastically saying that he now can do it.

At the River Smurf bridge, the Smurfs are busy at work with Handy trying to lift a large log higher when the crane breaks, causing the log to get stuck leaning near the river. The Smurfs managed to escape the log falling, but now Handy needs a day to fix the crane, and Hefty says they'll lose a day of work and that they can't lift that log out of the river. Weakling is willing to show that they can, and soon the other Smurfs help him to push the log out until it ends up leaning next to one of the bridge supports. They are now cheering Weakling for being strong enough to help them solve that problem as they carry him into the village, singing, "For he's a smurfy good fellow, for he's a smurfy good fellow..."

In Painter's workshop, Weakling is striking poses for the master artist's latest masteurpiesa when the subject decides to give him something else to paint. He lifts Hefty high above his head, which makes Painter say that his subject is a tower of strength. Later on, alone in his house as he prepares for sleep, Weakling takes one last look at the finished painting, feeling glad that he and Hefty are now the two strongest Smurfs ever...and that he owes it all to his Can Do It Cream, and to Papa Smurf. He blows out his candle and goes to sleep, feeling happy for himself.

However, during the night a storm breaks out over the Smurf forest, and it is a violent one, as winds tear shutters of Smurf house windows off their hinges. Papa Smurf wakes up his little Smurfs to warn them that they need to save the village. Weakling wakes up and realizes that they need his help, and so he grabs his jar of Can Do It Cream before he goes out. He puts some on his nose and then helps some Smurfs push some doors to a Smurf storage house shut. Then lightning causes a stack of logs to fall into the river near the bridge. Papa Smurf and his little Smurfs go out to the bridge, telling them that they have to move the logs or they will lose the bridge. Hefty tries to move some of the logs, but he gets knocked unconscious and drifts perilously down the river. Smurfette calls out for some Smurf to do something, and Weakling swims out to pull Hefty to safety. Then lightning knocks some boulders loose, and they tumble down toward the bridge, causing it to be unstable. With the Smurfs trapped on the bridge, Weakling puts on an extra dose of Can Do It Cream and then goes down to the bottom of the bridge to hold up its supports long enough for the Smurfs to get off the bridge before it collapses, with Weakling being the last to get out of the way.

The next morning, the Village Smurphony Orchestra plays as Papa Smurf hangs a medal on Weakling for heroism above and beyond the call of duty with the other Smurfs cheering. Weakling says that it's all because of Papa Smurf's Can Do It Dream, which he then sees is no longer on his nose. Papa Smurf has Weakling taste the cream, and he finds out that he was wearing smurfberry jam. The village leader admits that there was no magic behind it all, just a little self-confidence. This makes Weakling realize that it really was him doing it all and that he can do anything he can set his mind to. He is so excited at the revelation that he picks Hefty, Papa Smurf, and Smurfette up in his hands and carries them around the village, saying that he will no longer say that he can't do anything again, because now he can!

Background Information

  • Part of this story was adapted from "The Olympic Smurfs", in which Weakling was encouraged to use a similar placebo to participate in the games.


  • In the American Dad episode "The Scarlett Getter", Weakling Smurf was called Wimpy Smurf. Steve needed Hayley underwear for luck, but Hayley explains to Steve how Wimpy (Weakling) Smurf didn't have any confidence within himself, so Papa Smurf claimed he had made for him a magic Can Do It Cream potion so he could be better at everything which turned out to be smurfberry jam, referencing this episode.