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Grouchy looks at an ad design for Anjelou products
OwnerOdile Anjelou
LocationNew York City
PurposeCosmetics manufacturer
First AppearanceThe Smurfs (2011 movie)

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Anjelou is the name of the cosmetics company that Patrick Winslow works for in the 2011 Smurfs movie. It is owned and operated by Odile Anjelou, who is Patrick's boss. She wants Patrick to come up with a suitable promotional campaign for her latest product in two days, during which the Smurfs were staying in Patrick's apartment trying to find a way to return home to their own time and place. Believing that Patrick has access to a device called a "stargazer" (which is a telescope) which would enable them to figure out the alignment of the stars for when the next blue moon would appear, the Smurfs followed him to his office building and stowed away inside his jacket until they reached his office, only to find out that he doesn't actually own one.

It is during their stay that Patrick came up with a blue moon motif as the idea for the promotional campaign, but he ended up second-guessing himself and came up with an alternate campaign image that he thought Odile would truly want. However, during the email message where Patrick would send the alternate campaign image, Clumsy Smurf had accidentally caused Patrick to send the "blue moon" image instead, which wound up on billboards the following day. Odile was furious at this and told Patrick in no uncertain terms to fix the mess or he's fired. However, during the promotional campaign party she had that night, she and her party guests witnessed the moon turning blue due to the spell cast upon it by Brainy Smurf. She decided that she will continue to use the "blue moon" image for the campaign and thanked Patrick over the phone for the idea.

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