Astro Smurf
Astro Smurf as he appeared in the comic books.

Astro Smurf Cartoon
Dreamy in the role of Astro Smurf in the cartoon show.


Astro Smurf
Also Known AsDreamy Smurf
Voice ActorDon Messick
First AppearanceThe Astro Smurf (comic book)
Season 1 (two episodes)
UniverseComic Books
Cartoon Show

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NOTE: All following information relates to the Astro Smurf character of the cartoon show.

Astro Smurf (original French name Le Cosmoschtroumpf) is a character that appeared in the episodes "The Astro Smurf" (which was adapted from the original comic book story) and "Dreamy's Pen Pals". He was Dreamy Smurf, who at the time of his birthday in "The Astro Smurf" made a birthday wish that he would travel to the stars. During his appearances as Astro Smurf, Dreamy wore a white astronaut-type jumpsuit along with a fishbowl that served as an astronaut's helmet.

In "The Astro Smurf", Dreamy designed a spaceship with which he hoped to travel to the stars. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, the ship was unable to lift itself off the ground, leaving Dreamy heartbroken over his failure. It was then Papa Smurf decided on a plan to fulfill Dreamy's birthday wish. First, he told Dreamy that Handy found out what was wrong with his spaceship and that he had fixed it, which made Dreamy ready to go. However, before Dreamy re-entered his spaceship, Papa Smurf had him drink a glass of raspberry juice that secretly contained a sleeping potion. When Dreamy pedaled away inside the cockpit of his spaceship, the other Smurfs rocked the ship and caused smoke to rise up to the cockpit's windows, making Dreamy believe that his spaceship really was flying. Soon the sleeping potion had its effect on Dreamy, causing him to fall asleep. When the spaceship's propellers stopped turning, Papa Smurf had Dreamy taken out of the spaceship before it was dismantled, and then had the Smurfs cart both Dreamy and the spaceship parts to the inside of an extinct volcano. After the Smurfs reassembled Dreamy's spaceship and placed him inside it, Papa Smurf used a special potion on himself and his little Smurfs, transforming them into Swoofs.

Sometime later, when Dreamy awoke inside his spaceship, he found out that he landed on what appeared to be another planet. As he explored the area, he encountered two Swoofs who then took him to their village, where he talked with Grandpa Swoof about how he came to their planet. Grandpa Swoof had a private talk with his little Swoofs before he extended the hand of friendship to Dreamy, inviting him to stay for a party held in his honor. However, the reception Dreamy received from the Swoofs made him want to stay with them instead of returning back home -- which made the Smurfs who really were the Swoofs come up with a plan to get Dreamy to desire returning home instead. The following day, Grandpa Swoof made Dreamy go through a gauntlet of tests that would determine whether he would be worthy to become a Swoof like them, which Dreamy surprisingly (to them) passed except for the final test -- having to live the life of a Swoof. Dreamy realized at that point that he would be better off going home, and so he went back into his spaceship where he again fell asleep. When that happened, the Swoofs changed back into Smurfs and brought Dreamy and his spaceship back to the village, where he found himself awakened and greeted by his fellow Smurfs, congratulating him for his journey. Papa Smurf asked if Dreamy had any plans to travel to the stars again, and Dreamy said that while the desire to do so was very tempting, he felt that no other place was better than home.

Some years later, in "Dreamy's Pen Pals", Dreamy began writing letters to the Swoofs, hoping that he would see them again. The letters, surprisingly, wound up in the possession of Papa Smurf, who kept receiving them and storing them away in a cupboard until there wasn't enough room for more letters. Eventually, Dreamy decided that he was going to visit the Swoofs again, which made Papa Smurf and the other Smurfs decide on a plan to fulfill Dreamy's desire without having to go through the rigors of transporting him and his spaceship back to the volcanic mountain again. While Hefty had Dreamy running through the forest doing exhausting exercises, Handy had Dreamy's spaceship rebuilt with some new features that would better simulate the experience of it actually flying. Also, Handy had designed some cover props that would disguise the village and the surrounding area to make it look more like the mountainous planet region that Dreamy had "visited". By the time Dreamy had returned to the village, he had donned his Astro Smurf outfit and climbed back on board his spaceship, this time with Brainy and a stowaway Clumsy joining him, and worked the propellers to fly the spaceship until he fell asleep. With Dreamy asleep, Papa Smurf again used the potion that turned himself and his little Smurfs into Swoofs, and the cover props were put in place in and around the village.

When Dreamy awoke, he found himself back on the planet of the Swoofs, though for some reason it looked rather different to him. Nevertheless, he was greeted by Grandpa Swoof, who took him on a tour through the Swoof Village to help him "refresh his memory". However, his fellow Smurfs' plan to fulfill his desire again was nearly imperiled by the untimely appearance of Gargamel, who used a magical Smurf tracker to hunt down the Smurfs, only to find when he reached the village that he found nothing but Swoofs. But an even worse disaster would follow: because Brainy did not follow Papa Smurf's instructions to complete the entire ingredient list of the formula that changed the Smurfs into Swoofs, the Swoofs ended up changing back into Smurfs a bit too soon. Upon this discovery, Dreamy found himself heartbroken that he never really traveled to the stars. Fortunately, though, one of his letters did wind up in the possession of a Swoof-like alien who visited the village in a rock-like saucer ship to identify himself as a Sweef.

Astro Smurf does appear in a one-page comic book gag where he has tea with Smurfette prior to taking off on his spaceship, but he leaves her house wearing her fish bowl on his head while leaving his helmet behind.