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Azra is a character that appeared in the episode "Mummy Dearest". He is a cat pharaoh (and, quite possibly, a distant ancestor of Gargamel's cat Azrael) who is extremely fussy and very disdainful when it comes to his servants giving him what he wants. His main head servants, Gargotec and Scrupses, cater to his every whim, no matter how small it may seem.

In the story that he appears in, he has a group of slaves build for him a pyramid when they stop, with the taskmaster saying that they had run out of stone blocks and that it would take weeks to get more. Azra, wanting his pyramid to be finished on schedule, has Gargotec ordering the slaves to take stones from a nearby pyramid -- one which is the tomb of the Moon-Eyed Mummy -- and use them to finish his own. While examining the inside of the tomb, Gargotec sees a ruby pendant that he could use to gain favor with Azra, unaware that the pendant belongs to the seemingly lifeless mummy who came to life realizing that his pendant is gone. Azra accepted the gift, but had Gargotec and Scrupses scrub the floors while he dumped nut shells on them.

Later, Gargotec had captured a group of time-lost Smurfs who were looking for food and had stumbled upon Azra's banqueting table and had offered them to the cat pharaoh when he found them rather useless as slaves. Azra was about to eat them alive when the Moon-Eyed Mummy came after him, Gargotec, and Scrupses. Seeing that he was after the pendant, Azra got rid of it and then hightailed it out into the desert with the mummy chasing after him and his two head servants, getting blasted by the mummy's lightning bolts.


  • Azra's appearance is a continuity nod to the Season 2 special "My Smurfy Valentine", when Chlorhydris spoke of Azrael having "royal blood in his veins".