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Azrael is one of the main characters of the Smurfs comic books, the 1980s Smurfs cartoon show, and the 2021 Smurfs cartoon show. In the comic books, he first appeared in the story "The Flying Smurf" which was part of The Black Smurfs comic book album, although in story continuity, his first encounter with the Smurfs was in "The Smurfnapper" from the same book. In the 1980s cartoon show, he appeared up until Season 8.


He is Gargamel's cat who is usually helpful in ferreting out hiding Smurfs for his master, though at times he tends to get in the wizard's way, resulting in Gargamel getting angry with his pet for his amateurishness.

Azrael's color palette is different in the two main continuities he appears in. In the comic books, Azrael is an orange cat, while in the cartoon show, his fur is brown. He also has white eyes with black pupils in the comic books, while he has yellow eyes with black pupils in the cartoon show (with the exception of the Season 1 intro sequence).

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In The Movies

The Smurfs (2011)

In the 2011 Smurfs movie, Azrael is the secondary antagonist. Azrael has gotten his revenge on Gargamel for abusing him and twice throwing him into unknown places. He does this by saying, "Are you dead?" in cat language after Gargamel is hit by a bus. However, in his confrontation with Smurfette, he does have a small chunk of his right ear torn off when a metal crate falls on him, pinning his ear to the floor.

The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol

Azrael shows up in The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol to give chase to Grouchy during his visit by the three Smurfs of Christmas.

The Smurfs 2

In The Smurfs 2, Azrael appears to give his master no end of grief as he kidnaps Smurfette with the intention of having her reveal the formula used for making her into a real Smurf.

Smurfs: The Lost Village

In Smurfs: The Lost Village, Azrael is seen with another pet of Gargamel's: Monty the Vulture.

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  • Azrael was originally female in the comic books, but was changed to a male in the cartoon show and returned as a male in later comics. This was referenced in the first movie, when Gargamel is surprised (in such an inappropriate way) to find out that Azrael is male.
    • Surprisingly in the early seasons of the old polish dub, Azrael (called Klakier in that dub) was voiced by a woman - Joanna Sokolowska (even thought he was still male)
  • By coincidence, Azrael to Gargamel is like Muttley to Dastardly, as the duos were voiced by the same voice actors (Don Messick and Paul Winchell).
  • His character was voiced by the late Don Messick in the 1980s cartoon show, and by Frank Welker in every production following Messick's passing, except for the 2021 series, in which he has no voice actor and seems to be made of stock sounds of an actual cat.
  • The film series features him as an orange tabby, more specifically an orange Domestic Shorthaired cat played by Mr. Krinkle.
  • Azrael is seen as a kitten in the episode "Gargamel's Time Trip".
  • Azrael has been seen without Gargamel nine times: once in "A Mere Truffle", the second in "Forget Me Smurfs", the third in "The Magic Rattle", the fourth in "The Pussywillow Pixies", the fifth in "The Smurfiest Of Friends", the sixth in "The Great Slime Crop Failure", the seventh in "Smurf Pet", the eighth in "The Smurfy Verdict", and the ninth (first in the 2021 cartoon show) in "The Makeover".
  • As a sort of continuity nod, Chlorhydris in "My Smurfy Valentine" had found that Azrael was a cat that descended from royalty -- which turned out to be true in Season 9's "Mummy Dearest", as the Smurfs had found his distant ancestor, the cat pharaoh Azra, in ancient Egypt.
  • The name Azrael is derived from an Angel of Death in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Sikhism faiths. The name literally means "Whom God Helps", in an adapted form of Hebrew.