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Baby Smurf (original French name Bébé Schtroumpf) is one of the main characters of the 1981 Smurfs cartoon show and the 2021 Smurfs cartoon show. He is a minor character in the Smurfs comic books.


He was brought to the village by a stork from an unknown location where presumably all baby Smurfs came from. He became the object of affection from all the Smurfs who have known him from that point on. He also exhibited some magical powers that came into use whenever the situation required it.

Baby Smurf can only utter baby-talk words and usually appears swinging a baby rattle. Baby was always seen in the crawling stage.


In the original comics and 1981 cartoon series, Baby is shown to be a happy-go and cute Smurf. Baby has expressed very limited vocabulary as he mostly just giggles and coos.

In the 2021 cartoon series, Baby's personality was developed to be more on the rambunctious side; as he has occasionally caused trouble among the Smurfs, such as stealing the Smurf Village Fire Brigade's firetruck in "Adventures In Smurfsitting" and messing with Papa Smurf's experiments in "Smurfy Day Care". He also seems to laugh at Smurfs getting hurt, as seen in "Adventures In Smurfsitting" and "The Smurfs Show".

Being cared for by Papa and Smurfette.


  • Baby Smurf is one of the extreme few to ever warm Grouchy Smurf's heart. Grouchy even went so far as to take Baby and hide with him in the woods so that the stork wouldn't take him back. Papa Smurf was able to see how much of an impact Baby had on Grouchy, that he loved Baby more than anyone could realize, but was too afraid to let it show. It was because of Grouchy's sincere devotion that the Smurfs were able to keep Baby. In the 2021 animated series, Grouchy even risks his life to save Baby Smurf from Diaper Daddy when it had gone berserk.
  • Baby Smurf is even one of the extreme few to bring out the good side in Gargamel. In "Baby's First Word", Gargamel held Baby hostage for hours, but Baby made a father out of him. Gargamel spent the time feeding him, playing with him, changing his dideys and even putting him to sleep. However, in "Smurfette Unmade", Baby Smurf was chosen by Gargamel to be the test subject of his gold-making formula.
  • He can be seen being cared for by Smurfette, who nurtures him just like a normal mother would nurture her infant. It was because of her letter and Grouchy's devotion that Baby was able to stay in the Smurf Village. Possibly in "Smurfette Unmade", as soon as Smurfette changed evil, her love for Baby might have died (possibly becoming her once-fellow Smurf). However, when Smurfette felt guilty and asked if Gargamel could spare Baby, and Gargamel refused, saying he was going to use Baby to test his formula and was about to take him, she changed back to her sweet self and her love for him was reborn, which could possibly mean she loves Baby more than anybody else. In the comic book series, Smurfette is the first Smurf to welcome Baby to the village after three Smurfs denied the baby to be theirs.
  • Hefty Smurf is also seen caring for Baby Smurf most of the time whenever Papa Smurf or Smurfette is busy. He tends to refer to Baby as "the little squeezer" or "the little tyke".
  • In the 1981 cartoon series, Greedy Smurf is often seen caring for Baby and playing with him. Sometimes he makes Baby his kitchen assistant and taste-tester of his smurfberry icings.
  • Clumsy Smurf is often seen caring for Baby. At first in Season 3 of the Smurfs 1981 TV series, he was too cowardly to change a didey, but he became better at caring for Baby in time -- even better than Brainy. In the Smurfs 2021 CGI series episode "Adventures In Smurfsitting", he and Dimwitty babysit Baby for Papa Smurf.
  • Brainy Smurf is often seen caring for Baby. He used to be very good at it in Season 3, but became lousier at it over time. There are even times when he does it begrudgingly, feeling that Papa Smurf should have him do other 'smarter' duties with him. Brainy often wants to use his care-time to raise Baby to become a 'genius' like him. However, Brainy lost sight of Baby and tried pinning the blame on Clumsy in "The Smurfy Verdict". In "The Smurfs And The Book That Tells Everything" from the comic book series, Brainy chooses to save Baby when the titular book forces him to make a choice to either save the book or save Baby from the rising flood waters.

Baby Smurf's first appearance in the comics.

  • Tailor Smurf has a special relationship with baby. It was Tailor who made the onesie that is Baby's signature piece of clothing. In "Once In A Blue Moon", Tailor didn't like that he had to make so many dideys. However, he happily made Christmas dideys for Baby in "Baby's First Christmas". Baby was the Smurf who made Tailor change his mind about quitting being a tailor in "Tailor's Magic Needle". When Baby was crying uncomfortably in a didey made by the magic needle, Baby was back to being happy in one of Tailor's dideys.
  • Handy Smurf has made many things for Baby like his rocking crib, a toy Smurf Village, a didey washer, and even built a playground for him. In "The Reporter Smurf" from the comic book series, Handy gets his idea for Reporter's printing press from the impressions Baby made in the sand with his building blocks.
  • Papa Smurf has made it clear that all Smurfs are responsible for Baby Smurf. Although Baby can be seen looked after by various Smurfs at any given time, Papa Smurf is the prime guardian, and it is at Papa's house where Baby's crib is.
  • Sassette Smurfling can once in a while be seen with Baby as well.
  • Snappy and the other Smurflings considered Baby to be trouble in "Unsound Smurfs" but changed their minds at the end when Baby brought back a sound from the Noise Maker in Echo Valley to break a magical sound barrier set up by Brainy.
  • Baby's best friend in the 1980's cartoon is Puppy. Baby is the only living being that can open Puppy's locket. Anyone else, Smurf or other, will be struck by lightning.

Smurf Videogames

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Smurfs' Village

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Baby Smurf appears in the app Smurfs' Village. Baby costs 30 smurfberries or 400 clown tickets. His house is a multi-colored nursery with Blocks, a carriage, a ball, blocks, and the teddy bear Snappy gave him. He gives 60xp every few hours when you press on the bottle above his head.

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  • His character was voiced by Julie McWhirter in the 1981 series and Bérangére McNeese in the 2021 series, who also voices Smurfette.
  • Smurfette once noted that Baby Smurf is very bright, and that he may become leader of a new generation of Smurfs. Ironically, Baby is the one who digs up the Long Life Stone - after which, Papa Smurf notes that in another 1000 years the next mission to restore the stone's power would be led by Baby Smurf who won't be a baby then. However, given that Baby Smurf is one of seventeen Smurf characters in Season 9 of the cartoon show who end up traveling in time due to the loss of the key that controls the time crystals, it is uncertain whether Baby will actually return to fulfill that future role.
  • Even though Baby Smurf is male, interestingly enough, the 1981 series mostly avoided using gendered pronouns for him (instead referring to Baby by only his name or 'it'). References to Baby's gender became more common in Season 9 and the 2021 series.
    • The comic series often refers to Baby Smurf as male.
  • In the 1980s cartoon series, Baby's first word was Gargamel. He can also say "Yuck!", "Pow!", and "Whee!". In the comic, Baby has said words like "Dolly broken."
    • Ironically, due to writing inconsistencies, Baby's very first word wasn't Gargamel. He is heard saying "Thanks!" to Greedy in "The Master Smurf", one season before. He also says "Uh-oh!" while with Papa Smurf and Mother Nature, the former unsuccessfully trying to get Baby to say "Goodbye!" to her at the end of the episode. This implies that Papa had already begun work on teaching Baby to talk at the time.
    • In the 2021 cartoon show episode "Adventures In Smurfsitting", Baby said "Ba-Ba-Boom!" after Clumsy and Dimwitty get covered in soot by Jokey's surprise box.
  • In the 1980s cartoon episode "Once In A Blue Moon", Baby began life wearing just a didey and it was Tailor Smurf who made his signature onesie. In the comic The Baby Smurf, Baby began life wearing his onesie.
  • In the 1980s cartoon series, Baby stood for the first time in "Hefty And The Wheelsmurfer", albeit for two seconds. Hefty Smurf, the only grown Smurf around at the time, was too sunk in self-pity to notice.
  • Baby loves animals.
  • Despite being one of the main characters in the comics, 1981 cartoon show, and 2021 cartoon show, Baby did not appear in the 2011 live-action CGI movie, most likely due to it being a "non-canonical" Smurf presentation focusing on the remaining 97 Smurfs. However, his comic book animation appears at the end credits.
  • Brainy Smurf in the 1980s cartoon show is jealous that Baby will be the next Papa Smurf.
  • In the 2021 cartoon series, Baby is no longer seen as much in the care by Smurfette than the comics and 1981 cartoon series.

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