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Bacchus is the host of the paradise realm that Lazy had encountered in his dream along with Brainy and Greedy in the episode "Paradise Smurfed". He is named after the Roman god of wine, and like his namesake, he is dressed in a Roman toga with a olive wreath around his head, and rests on a chaise lounge eating grapes while being fanned by one faun and having another faun playing music from a harp. He also has powers that enable him to do anything in his paradise realm.

Bacchus at first offered his paradise realm to the visiting Smurfs for them to enjoy seemingly without charge, but as they evaded his traps during their game of "hide and hunt", his real intentions became apparent: he was going to have the Smurfs for his dinner. Of the three Smurfs who tried to escape when Bacchus used his powers against them, only Brainy and Greedy escape while Lazy was trapped behind a wall of ice, which enabled Bacchus and his cat to grab him.

Fortunately for Lazy, though, the whole thing was a dream, and the only ones who were grabbing him were Brainy and Greedy trying to wake him up.


Bacchus' white cat bears an otherwise uncanny resemblance to Azrael.