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Baker Smurf (original French name Schtroumpf Boulanger) is a character that only appears in the Smurf comics as the Smurfs' baker, and in the 2011 Smurfs movie.

He wears an apron and a baker's hat. He is always making cakes, cookies and other goodies -- a role that was assigned to the cartoon show version of Greedy Smurf. He is featured in some comics. He hates it when Greedy Smurf takes his treats, which causes him to spend more time chasing Greedy than baking. In the 2011 Smurfs movie, he is seen carrying some pies that Clumsy knocks over and steps on.

In the comics during the annual Imitate Festival in which every Smurf has to take the place of another, Baker became Jokey Smurf, but rather than gift packages, he was giving away free cream pies that exploded in the receiver's faces. Meanwhile. Handy Smurf took Baker's place, but his cooking skills were not really that good as his cake left the eater retching.

An alternate version of the character appears in the comic book story "The Finance Smurf" under the French name of Schtroumpf Patissier, wearing a Smurf hat that flops to the side as well as a white tank top. He became the standard version of the character in all succeeding Smurf comic book stories, which include "You Don't Smurf Progress" and "Bathing Smurfs".

In The Disabled Smurfs, Baker breaks his arm and takes adavantage of the situation and the need to be served and becomes very demanding of his comrades. Later, he realized his behavior was unacceptable and apologizes to the other Smurfs and helps them with multiple tasks, despite being disabled.

In the Smurfs' Village game, players can use 30 smurfberries to buy his hut at the Planet Swoof district. After placing, it will give out 500xp every 24 hours and unlock the limitation of buying dessert shaped decorations.

In Smurfs: The Lost Village, he appears at the start being interviewed about Smurfette.


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  • Baker might have originally been planned to be a main character in the 2011 The Smurfs movie because pictures of him, like one that shows him with the other main characters and in a different pose, are on the internet (as seen on the right.)
  • A joke on his voice actor Gordon Ramsay's rage is played when he criticizes Smurfette's baking.
  • He is shown that he loves to eat berries in the Marvel Comics Smurfs story "The Smurf Of Youth".

Baker with the main characters of the movie (except Smurfette and Clumsy)