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"Bewitched, Bothered, And Be-Smurfed" is a Season 1 episode from the 1980s Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

In her dark castle, an evil witch named Hogatha prepares for her night on the town, putting on her wig, her perfume, and her "dear old granny Dogatha's locket". Her pet vulture Harold revulses at hearing his mistress kissing her reflection and praising her own beauty. As she flies off into the dark stormy night, though, a lightning bolt strikes Harold from behind, causing Hogatha and her pet to plummet into a tree where she fell into the forest, losing her locket in the process. Hogatha uses her magic to strip Harold of his feathers to teach him a lesson before she goes off to find a nearby warlock, unaware that her locket is missing.

Hogatha's magic locket, which Smurfette had found.

In the Smurf Village, Papa Smurf and the other Smurfs tend to Greedy when he got sick from his overeating. Papa Smurf gives Greedy a spoonful of "kao-smurftate" while Handy tries to elevate his friend's bed, only to cause him to slip out of it. Brainy then berates Greedy for his being on the floor, which earns him a quick flight out of the village. Clumsy offers to fluff Greedy's pillow, which ends up making the village chef's head hurt more than his stomach. Grouchy only says that he hates "ooohs".

Out in the forest, Smurfette is picking fresh flowers for Greedy when she comes across Hogatha's locket, which she thinks is pretty. She first calls out to whoever owns the locket, and then with no one responding, she decides to keep it. At the same time, Hogatha realizes that her locket is now gone and that someone else has put it on. Fearing that she would lose her powers, the evil witch rushes into the forest to try finding it, only to come across Gargamel's castle, which she says is a sign of life.

At the castle, Gargamel throws his cat Azrael outside, saying that his latest experiment requires silence. He begins his incantation as he wiggles his fingers over the steaming cauldron, but he gets no further than that when Hogatha simply barges in, politely asking for his help in retrieving her locket. Gargamel roughly throws Hogatha out of his castle, but before he can resume his incantation, Hogatha drags him outside with her powers and hoists him high in the air until her powers fade, causing him to fall. At this point, Gargamel reluctantly decides to help the evil witch. As the two humans return to the spot in the forest where Hogatha fell, Azrael sneezes when he encounters feathers. Hogatha recognizes the spot, but sees that there's nothing else there but little footprints. Gargamel recognizes that as a sign that a Smurf has taken the locket and agrees to help her track down the Smurfs so she can get her locket while he gets his hands on the Smurfs.

As Smurfette returns to the village, she sees that Greedy is asleep and leaves her bouquet of flowers for him by the window. She says that she wishes she could fill his whole room with flowers...and unknowingly, the locket grants that wish, filling Greedy's house with so many flowers that it causes him to sneeze. After Vanity shows Smurfette the picture of himself that he was going to give Greedy, Smurfette wishes that Greedy was out of his bed and fit as a fiddle...and the locket grants that wish, by literally turning him into a walking fiddle! Frightened by this transformation, Greedy rushes out of his house calling for Papa Smurf.

While Papa Smurf examines the situation of Greedy's transformation into a fiddle, Smurfette tries to show Jokey her locket, only to fall prey to one of Jokey's surprises, which makes her wish that Jokey would grow up and get serious. No sooner does she say it, though, that the locket grants that wish and makes Jokey into a literal philosophical giant, scaring away Brainy and Clumsy. Smurfette tries to show the locket to Grouchy, saying how pretty it is, but Grouchy only says that he hates looking and he hates pretty. Smurfette only wishes that Grouchy would cheer up, and instantly the locket grants that wish, causing Grouchy's behavior to change into an overly-cheery party animal. The other Smurfs witnessing these behavioral changes in Jokey and Grouchy now call for Papa Smurf.

After his examination of the Smurfs affected by the locket, Papa Smurf can only state that there must be an epidemic of an evil nature going on in the village, and warns his little Smurfs to beware of anything strange while they go on their business as usual. As Gargamel and Hogatha continue their search for the Smurf who took her locket, Papa Smurf enters Greedy's house with a bucket of magic dust which he believes may be their only hope of restoring the affected Smurfs to normal. However, despite throwing handfuls of dust onto the affected Smurfs until the bucket runs dry, Papa Smurf can see that it has no effect on them. Smurfette now begins to wonder how it all started and realizes that it may be the locket that is responsible. She decides that she will get rid of it in the hopes that good luck will return.

Out in the forest, Gargamel and Hogatha get frustrated in their inability to find the Smurfs. Hogatha asks if there's a friend of the Smurfs that they could ask, and Gargamel tells her that the Smurfs' only friends are "disgusting things" like butterflies and bunnies. This gives Hogatha some inspiration for how to go about finding her locket. She tells Gargamel that she doesn't need him anymore and sends the evil wizard and his cat on their way before using up the last of her power for one final spell.

Finding a place in the forest where she can lose the locket for good, Smurfette drops it off a precipice, not knowing that it would land on Gargamel who ends up now possessing what Hogatha was looking for. As she returns to the village, she encounters a talking frog who claims to be a beautiful princess that an evil witch had put a spell on and that she now needs the kiss of a handsome Smurf to set her free. Smurfette agrees to help break the spell by taking her into the village to find a handsome Smurf, not realizing that it was Hogatha in disguise.

As Papa Smurf locks himself away in his laboratory to try finding one last possible cure for the Smurfs affected by the locket, Smurfette presents her frog friend to her fellow Smurfs, asking which of them are willing to give her a kiss. Though most of the male Smurfs end up passing the buck around as to which one will volunteer, Grouchy shows up and offers to do the honors. While Hogatha prepares to pucker up, Gargamel kisses her locket and makes a wish to have all the Smurfs on a silver platter. At that instant the locket grants his wish and causes all the Smurfs in the village to vanish, appearing before the wizard on a silver platter! Hogatha opens her eyes to realize that every Smurf is gone and now hops back into the forest to find Gargamel so she can change back into her human form before she is stuck as a frog forever.

In Gargamel's castle, while the evil wizard decides on what to do with the Smurfs trapped inside the box, Papa Smurf tells his little Smurfs his plan for escape. First Grouchy scares Azrael away with a shadow puppet of a monster. Then with a few Smurfs hoisting Papa Smurf up, he knocks down a ball of string that Jokey snags and drags into the box. Meanwhile, Hogatha shows up and says to Gargamel that she has reconsidered and that she could use his help, but Gargamel reveals that he how possesses her locket and that he doesn't need her anymore, throwing her out of his castle. Hefty tries to lasso the key hanging on a nearby peg but misses as Gargamel now carries the box of Smurfs over to his stove to cook them. Hefty tries again with the lasso and this time snags the key from the peg. But the key doesn't get very far before Azrael steps on it. Hogatha, however, provides a distraction by leaping onto Azrael, causing him to leap onto the ceiling.

The Smurfs successfully unlock the box and escape from it, with Gargamel chasing after them until he slips on the ball of string and falls. The locket also falls to the ground, which Hogatha now grabs and uses to change back to her original form. She then grabs Smurfette and decides she's going to use the maiden Smurf as her servant girl, but Smurfette tears the locket away from Hogatha and throws it to Papa Smurf, who then throws it into the fire so that nobody can use its powers again. This changes the affected Smurfs back to normal, and this also causes Hogatha to disappear into a green mist, saying that when the locket is destroyed, so is she.

As Gargamel deals with the fire that went out of control from the destroyed locket while cursing the escaped Smurfs, the Smurfs themselves run into a group of frogs. They fear that it is a bunch of witches that are now after them, but Papa Smurf calms them down by saying that they're old friends of his and they're just offering a ride home to the village. The Smurfs eagerly accept as they climb onto the frogs' backs and hop their way back home.

Background Information

  • This story also appears in the Smurf comic books as "Hogatha's Talisman", published in Schtroumpf magazine.
  • "The Fake Smurf" follows this episode, with Hogatha mentioning that her locket was destroyed.
  • This Episode marks the first appearance of Hogatha.
  • Hogatha meets Gargamel for the first time.