The blue moon from "Once In A Blue Moon"

The blue moon from the 2011 Smurfs movie

The ”Anjelou moon”, the Anjelou logo which is a mistake.

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A blue moon is a rare astronomical event of second appearance of the full-moon during one month, usually with the moon turning blue. In the comic books and the cartoon show, it is used to indicate when a baby Smurf is about to be delivered to the Smurf Village. In the 2011 Smurfs movie, it is a time of celebration for the Smurfs, when Papa Smurf is able to see into the future to foresee what may happen to his little Smurfs. However, it is also the time when a special portal within the Forbidden Falls opens up that transports whoever enters it through time and space, with its other end exiting into a waterfall in Central Park in New York City in the modern age.

It was during one of these blue moons in the movie's story when Papa Smurf had foreseen his little Smurfs trapped in cages by Gargamel and Clumsy Smurf trying to catch a dragon wand. When Gargamel was accidentally led into the village by Clumsy, he chased the Smurfs out into the forest, causing Papa Smurf and five other Smurfs to head for the waterfall and be transported into the present through that portal. They eventually came across a human named Patrick Winslow who helped them in their search for a "stargazer" so they can determine when the next blue moon occurrence will take place. They also found magic words within a book at Mr. Wong's Mystical Emporium so they could reopen the portal to take them back to their own place in time. During their brief stay with him, the Smurfs had inspired Patrick to come up with a "blue moon" motif as part of his company's advertising campaign, which initially was sent by mistake to his employer Odile in place of the intended campaign design, almost causing Patrick to be fired, but was eventually accepted by Odile when she witnessed the moon literally turning blue through a spell cast upon it by Brainy Smurf.

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