Carpenter Smurf
First AppearanceThe Finance Smurf (comic book)
UniverseComic Books

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Carpenter Smurf (original French name Schtroumpf Menuisier or Schtroumpf Charpentier) only appears in the comic books. He provides wood for constructions (unlike Lumberjack Smurf who provides firewood). He appears in "The Finance Smurf", where he offers Handy Smurf oak planks to rebuild the Smurf River Bridge for 1500 coins and got angry when Handy accepted a bribe from another Smurf offering fir planks for 1000 coins. He also appears in "You Don't Smurf Progress", where he gets a machine from Handy Smurf that turns logs into furniture, which is later used at the end of the story to cut off King Trash's escape through a secret hatch by turning him into furniture.

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