Cave Smurfs
Date of First Airing9/9/1989
Directed byRay Patterson (supervising director)
Oscar Dufau
Don Lusk
Jerry Sabry
Paul Sommer
Story byReed Robbins
Glenn Leopold
Ernie Contreras
Sean Catherine Derek

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Title Translation of
Cave Smurfs
FrenchSchtroumpfez les oiseaux
SpanishPerdidos en el tiempo/Pitufo Cavernícola
GermanDas Vogelbaby-Drama
ItalianLa chiave del tempo

"Cave Smurfs" is a Season 9 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show. It immediately follows the events that took place in "The Smurfs That Time Forgot", and is the second and final part in the story arc that includes the previous episode.


The story so far

What was supposed to be a time-travel trip of only three passengers -- Papa Smurf, Grandpa Smurf, and Crinkles the baby dinosaur the Smurfs have found -- becomes one with seventeen Smurfs, plus Crinkles and Nanny's pet Smoogle, as they appear in the prehistoric period due to an accident that took place in their present time. Despite this situation, the Smurfs continue with their quest to reunite Crinkles with his family, facing a frightening world full of dangers such as big dinosaurs, tar pits, and Grog the cave child who kidnaps Clumsy due to his ability to start fire with rocks. Though Crinkles is happily reunited and home at last, the group of Smurfs find themselves potentially stuck in the past as the magic key that could arrange the time crystals in the correct order has been destroyed by falling into a lava pit.

The story continues

The loss of the magic key seals their fate...or does it?
Papa Smurf faces a rather difficult challenge...
...and Brainy doesn't help matters any!

Huddled in a cave, sitting by a fire, some of the time-lost Smurfs start to complain about not being able to see things in their village again: Smurfette's garden, Greedy's oven, and Handy's workshop. Grandpa Smurf tries to lift up the spirits of the younger Smurfs by saying there's still a way that they can return to the village: they can assemble the crystals together by hand. This cheers the other Smurfs up until Papa Smurf reveals that it may take a million tries to get the right combination, but even so, he tells them not to give up hope. Smurfette, however, just isn't going to accept that and asks plainly if they're going to go home or not. The two elder Smurfs both answer honestly that they don't know, with Papa Smurf saying that he has never put together a puzzle like this before, and Grandpa Smurf saying that if the puzzle isn't put together correctly, then there's no telling where they may end up.

Of course, Brainy takes advantage of the situation by confidently saying it's just a matter of time before he can crack this time puzzle, but as he tries to help by placing a crystal on top of the others, the whole puzzle collapses. Enraged, Papa Smurf kicks Brainy out of the cave along with his book on puzzles -- and Brainy inside it! Soon Brainy sees Greedy depart from the cave, looking for food to eat. Brainy decides to join him and offer his help. In the meantime, a prehistoric bird prepares to leave her nest by covering up the egg she was laying on in order to give it warmth. No sooner does she fly off, though, that the egg starts to move, ready to hatch. It falls out of the nest, bouncing off of rocks before it lands on the ground where it hatches into a baby bird that hops around, looking for his mother.

As Brainy and Greedy continue their search for food, Brainy hears a fierce growl that he thinks came from a dinosaur, when Greedy reveals that it's just his stomach growling like mad, and that if he doesn't get food soon, he's going to be skin and bones. Brainy offers Greedy "food for thought" by giving him one of his books, but Greedy is hungry for a real meal, and so he leaves Brainy to write in his book while he goes and finds a tree full of big figs. He struggles to find a way to get to the figs when he decides to throw a rock to knock one of them down, which he succeeds, only to have one fall on top of him that he eats his way out of.

The baby bird thinks Brainy is his "shmama"...
...and the mother thinks Greedy is her baby!
Mother and baby are united at last!
The time whirlwind takes them away...but will it take them home?

Meanwhile, Brainy goes on and on with his writing when he hears something approaching him from behind. He turns and sees that it is a baby bird that's slightly bigger than him. Brainy cowers in fear and tries to back away from the baby bird who's just looking for his mother, thinking he's going to eat him. But instead, the baby gives Brainy a big hug, thinking that he is his mother. Brainy now tries to get away from a bird who's now attached to him, while back at the nest, the mother returns to find that the egg she was laying on is gone. She flies around in a panic, looking for the egg, and then sees it near the base of a fig tree, though she doesn't see that it has already hatched. She zooms down to find her baby.

At the fig tree, Greedy has finished eating his way through another fig, feeling his stomach getting full. He decides to go for another, but he is now out of rocks. Finding a hatched egg, he closes up the shell and tries using it to bounce his way up a tree when he falls into the shell, trapped inside. The egg rolls out into the open where the mother bird finds it and carries it back to her nest, tossing around Greedy who's still in it. Brainy, on the other hand, is still trying to get rid of the baby bird who's still attached to him when he notices that he is now carrying the book that he dropped. Brainy decides that this bird is actually smart and chooses to entertain the youngling by reading from his book. The baby bird doesn't object to Brainy's reading.

Back at the nest, the mother bird hears her egg crack as the baby is about to hatch. But instead of it being a baby bird, it is actually Greedy who's now partially covered in bird feathers. The mother, who sees Greedy as her baby, looks affectionately at her young child, which makes Greedy think she's about to eat him, so he retreats back inside the egg. As Vanity, Handy, and Wild search for both Brainy and Greedy, wondering where they could have gone, Greedy again emerges from the shell, begging the mother bird not to eat him when he looks down and sees how far up the nest is. Greedy's cry for help is immediately picked up by the three searching Smurfs, who then see him in the nest, all covered in feathers, as the mother tries to feed her "newborn child" with worms.

Back on the ground, Wild signals to Vanity and Handy that he's going to climb up the cliff to the nest to rescue Greedy, which he does until he faces an angry mother bird protecting her "child", causing him to roll down the cliff and into a fallen fig. As the three of them now go off to tell Papa Smurf that Greedy is in trouble, Brainy continues to read to the mother bird's baby until the baby pulls the book out of Brainy's hand and signals to his "mother" that he's hungry. Brainy leads the baby bird to a tree full of berries that the baby starts to eat at first, and then soon starts spitting them at Brainy, not liking them. Frustrated, Brainy decides to try finding Greedy so he can figure out what to feed the baby bird.

Handy and Vanity return to the base of the cliff with Papa Smurf and Hefty, who is now dressed up like a bird. They now see that the mother bird is about to give Greedy his first flying lesson by nudging him out of the nest, which causes him to fall until he grabs onto a branch for dear life. Papa Smurf now has Handy launch Hefty into the air to distract the mother bird by flying around her with his glider wings. At first she doesn't buy it, but as Hefty tries to imitate the mother's bird calls, he has a new problem to deal with -- another bird who's fallen in love with him and is now chasing him. Finally, the mother bird makes Greedy fall from the nest, which makes Papa Smurf tell Hefty to dive. He does, which gets the love bird off his tail and also breaks Greedy's fall at the same time. But they're not out of trouble yet -- the mother bird is now chasing after them. Hefty and Greedy land safely into a bush where they hide until Brainy comes along with the mother bird's actual baby. The Smurfs watch as mother and baby are happily united with each other and fly back home.

Back at the cave, Papa Smurf puts the last crystal into the puzzle, which causes the magical time whirlwind to appear and carry the time-lost Smurfs away from the prehistoric period. But whether it will actually take them back home, Papa Smurf says, "Only time will tell."

Background Information

  • This is the first standalone episode that would continue events that took place in a previous episode, which in this case would be "The Smurfs That Time Forgot" (which, in syndication, had Part 3 renamed "Lost In The Ages"). Later episodes in this season would have at least two separate stories that take place in the same time period and/or geographical location that the Smurfs wind up in.


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