Voice ActorAmanda McBroon
First AppearanceSeason 2, My Smurfy Valentine special (1983)
UniverseCartoon Show
Name Translation of Chlorhydris
Arabicهوريا (Houria)

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Chlorhydris is a supporting character who has appeared in the Smurfs cartoon show from "My Smurfy Valentine" in Season 2 up until around Season 8. She is an evil, aging sorceress who lives in the observatory of a gloomy castle with only a pet toucan to keep her company.

In "Chlorhydris' Lost Love", it is revealed that when she was young, she fell in love with a wizard known as Manfred the Magnificent whom she was going to marry, but he never showed up at the altar, leaving her heartbroken and embittered. She did eventually became married and produced a daughter named Priscilla, but unfortunately that changed nothing of her life, eventually driving Priscilla's father away, making her daughter's fiancé disappear forever, and even causing Priscilla to age into an old hag. Ever since then, she has been making it her life's ambition to make the world feel as cold as she does, and the targets of her emotion-based spells tend to be the Smurfs, who are often happy.

Like Lord Balthazar, she apparently comes from an aristocratic background, as evidenced by her dress and bearing, and that she lives in a castle and rides in a carriage. In addition to her pet toucan, she has a servant named Reeves who does her driving. Since Chlorhydris is not in the best physical shape for a woman her age, she usually relies on others to carry out her evil tasks, such as a fairy to wield her Ice Wand in "A Hug For Grouchy". She has a uncle named Herbert who never appeared, but gave her a magic horn which she used to remove all musical sounds from the world.

Another one of Chlorhydris' schemes was to destroy Christmas by stealing all the toys and destroying them. She was aided in the plot by Gargamel, who sought to forge an alliance with her. However, they were thwarted by Scruple, who was trying to steal all the toys for himself.

Other evil deeds included her creating a root that makes anyone who touches it evil ("The Root Of Evil"), but was foiled in that gambit by none other than Baby Smurf, who turned out to be the one being immune to it. Perhaps her crowning moment was when she swapped Cupid's love arrows with hate arrows, causing anyone they hit to hate. That occasion was also when the Smurfs discovered that the reason her long-lost love Manfred never showed up at their wedding was because he had been turned to stone by Drusilla, a rival of hers at the sorcerer's school she attended. Drusilla herself was later turned to stone by her own magic power when Vanity and Sassette arrived in her lair to free Manfred.

In exchange for restoring Manfred, Chlorhydris agreed to lift the spell but her joy was short-lived. After Manfred sat on her own hate-arrows, he was consequently repulsed by her, leaving her again heartbroken and miserable, presumably for good.

Her character was voiced by Amanda McBroom.


  • Her name is a play on the term "hydrochloric acid", which is a corrosive.
  • Her hair color or style was never revealed in all of her appearances.
  • Chlorhydris has not sworn revenge on the Smurfs even once.
  • Despite being a sorceress, she has never interacted with Hogatha.
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