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"Clumsy Luck" is a Season 3 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


As Handy packs up a bag that Feathers is carrying, Papa Smurf tells his little Smurfs that he will be off to watch the meteor shower with Homnibus during the evening. But as he is about to fly off, Brainy shows up carrying some equipment for the evening, when Clumsy tries to offer to lend a helping hand. Brainy refuses to let him to do so, but Clumsy is just too eager to help, resulting in a tug-of-war. Brainy still pleads Clumsy to stop helping, until suddenly they fell down, and send the equipment flying in the air. One of them hits Vanity's mirror and breaks it, much to his dismay. Brainy is so fed up with Clumsy's helpfulness, that he made him realize that he broke Vanity's mirror -- resulting in "seven years of bad luck", much to both Clumsy's horror and Vanity's misery. However, Papa Smurf tells Clumsy that it's just a lot of superstitious nonsense, and flies off with Feathers to see Homnibus, as everyone else waves goodbye to their leader.

What will become of Clumsy, after all the subject of superstitions?

No sooner after Papa Smurf leaves the village, though, does Brainy tell Clumsy that Papa isn't always right about superstitions and feels quite certain that he knows it. And just as they walk along the village, Clumsy trips over a root and tears out the left foot section of his pants, confirming in Brainy's mind that Clumsy's "bad luck" was just beginning. Meanwhile, Handy is fixing a wheel for Farmer's wheelbarrow while he was carrying a huge smurfmelon.

Back at the village, Clumsy hopes that he will get Tailor to sew the left foot section of his pants. But Brainy tells his friend that things are going to get a lot worse than before. And it seems that he was right in that, just as Handy was nearly fixed the wheelbarrow, Handy accidentally hit his thumb when Brainy and Clumsy arrived. Clumsy asks him if Handy is alright, but just as Handy politely tells him that he's going to be okay, he backs away and bumps into the wheel -- causing a huge smurfmelon to roll away from the wheelbarrow, heading for disaster! Later, as Painter is about to start his masteurpiesa of Smurfette by her garden, the runaway smurfmelon bumps into them and, in the end, it crashes into a tree! After the whole incident occurred, everyone is shocked to see what has happened, and even Clumsy admits that it was his bad luck.

Soon everyone is gathered to watch Brainy, as he claims that Clumsy must be left alone from anyone if anything bad happens again. But as Smurfette is about to criticize Brainy for hurting Clumsy in a harsh way, Clumsy then trips and falls over a fence -- sending Baby Smurf flying in the air! Fortunately, Hefty catches Baby right in his hands, to prevent him from being injured by falling into the rocks, much to Smurfette's relief, seeing the child unharmed. Then she could see that Brainy was right about Clumsy's condition, and later he was made to stay put inside his house for seven years to prevent from anything bad happening. And after Brainy says some final words to Clumsy that it will eventually get better before locking him away, Clumsy started to believe that Brainy was right about his bad luck, and started crying as everyone left him alone.

That night, as the Smurfs are watching the meteor shower in the village, and Papa Smurf and Homnibus are watching it together in a field, they notice a meteor flying very close over the forest. Papa Smurf has a feeling that it may be heading toward the village and so flies off to investigate. However, the other Smurfs see that it has crashed into Clumsy's house, and they feel that Clumsy's bad luck has finally resulted in his end, as even Painter claims it is the saddest moment for "The Smurf Unlucky". Vanity places his already-broken mirror near the meteor, vowing that he'll never forget about his klutzy friend. Sometime later Papa arrives back to see all the commotion, as Smurfette tearfully runs into the arms of their shocked leader -- who at first couldn't believe what has happened, until Brainy tells him that Clumsy has "smurfed the bucket". Even Papa starts to mourn for his lost little Smurf. Meanwhile, none of them notice that Clumsy has left the village sometime earlier, hoping to find someplace and someone that would take him in like the squirrels.

Back at the Village as Poet finishes his sad poem about the remembrance of Clumsy, Brainy steps aside to the front of the audience to tell his feelings on his former friend's death. Meanwhile at the stream, all alone with no one around, Clumsy fears of what would become of him. Then he bawls his eyes out and cries about his misfortune of seven years of bad luck would be terrible. After that he decides to get back to village for a one final look at his friends before leaving the place forever.

Brainy duplicated himself, and even his duplicate is tired of hearing him!

As Brainy kept going on and on about Clumsy's misfortune, Smurfette has heard enough from him about his fellow Smurf's "bad luck" and angrily breaks the already-broken mirror. She doesn't really care at this point how many years of bad luck she will get this time, because all that matters to her is that Clumsy is gone. No sooner as Clumsy has returned, he sees the village mourning for him, but none of them take notice that Clumsy has returned safe and alive until he announces himself. Every Smurf is now so happy to see their friend and fellow Smurf again, even Papa Smurf is shedding tears.

Soon afterward, while the Smurfs are busy rebuilding Clumsy's house -- along with Tailor, who is now needling Clumsy's left-foot section of his pants -- the other Smurfs are now calling Clumsy lucky for having left the village to avoid the meteor that destroyed his house. Brainy tries to explain Clumsy's fortune as being something else entirely when he gets his usual boot out of the village.

Background Information

  • During Brainy's speech about Clumsy's death, another Smurf wearing glasses like Brainy is standing among the other Smurfs. While at the point the cartoon show was produced and aired, this is basically considered an art mistake on the part of the creators, the "non-canonical" 2011 Smurfs movie would have another Smurf character appear in glasses by the name of Narrator Smurf.
  • In the syndicated version of the episode, the whole part where the Smurfs deciding on the choice of Clumsy's isolation before he accidently sends Baby flying in the sky has been edited out.
  • Re-used animation from "The Smurfette" is used for when the Smurfs are mourning before Clumsy arrives.