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Crinkles was the name given to a baby triceratops dinosaur that Hefty, Clumsy, Brainy, and Snappy had discovered in the mountains in the dead of winter in "The Smurfs That Time Forgot".

Snappy brought the dinosaur home to the Smurf Village and treated him like a pet. Although Crinkles was rather careless in wrecking parts of the village, he did not do so out of spite, instead being unfamiliar with such an environment. Unfortunately, Crinkles fell sick because he was unable to eat the food of the present time.

With the help of Grandpa Smurf and his time crystals, Snappy and several other Smurfs went back to the prehistoric period to bring Crinkles safely back home to his family. Crinkles' family returns the favor later on, when the Smurfs are kidnapped by Grog. Crinkles and his parents attack Grog, allowing the Smurfs to break free.

Crinkles with his mom and dad are seen in the episode Lost in the Ages.