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Dismal Boggs is a character who appears in the cartoon show episode "The Secret Of Shadow Swamp". He is an imp who is an adventurer that likes traveling to different places, not caring if he goes it alone or with company. He is equipped with a pack that has various gadgets such as an extendable arm and a fishing rod.

In the episode, Dismal Boggs runs into Grouchy Smurf when he has entered Shadow Swamp to escape celebrating his birthday party, with Dismal entering the swamp so he can find the Enchanted Falls where a hidden secret paradise awaits. Grouchy tags along with Dismal as they help each other along on the adventure, escaping a swamp creature by using swampberries and escaping a whirlpool before reaching the waterfalls where the Mist Maiden guards the paradise. However, sometime after entering the paradise, Dismal finds a map to the Valley Of The Lost Vultures underneath a rock and decides to leave the paradise with Grouchy, though they barely escape the Mist Maiden's wrath with the help of the swamp creature who was now aiding the Smurfs in their search for Grouchy. After reaching safety, Grouchy and the Smurfs parted ways with Dismal as he set off for his new adventure.

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