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Dopey Smurf (original French name Schtroumpf Bêta) is a characters of the Smurfs comic books. He's the most stupid Smurf. He appears mostly in the comic books and he's one of the principal characters (with Clumsy and Scaredy) in Smurf Heroes. One of his constant habits is to deliver the wrong thing to Papa Smurf (or the other Smurfs) whenever he asks for something.

In one comic book story, "The Smurf Garden", one of Dopey's antics actually saved the Smurfs from Gargamel and his various booby traps he has set in the titular garden. This rewards him with a kiss from Smurfette.

In "The Smurfs And The Book That Tells Everything", he was Brainy Smurf's assistant when he was in charge of the titular book that he and the Smurfs came to for solutions to various questions and dilemmas.

Surprisingly, in the comic book version of "King Smurf", when the character that would become King Smurf tried to get Dopey (who in that story was unnamed) to vote for him by telling him to vote for Brainy, figuring that Dopey would always do the wrong thing. However, Dopey ended up voting for Brainy and even told King Smurf that he did so after that Smurf won the election by an overwhelming majority.

In "The Smurfs and The Dragon of the Lake", when the Smurfs are talking of Fafnir, Dopey found tube with a message. In the same scene we can see Dopey with the same hat than Clumsy, but that isn't the 1st time: in multiple pictures, Dopey and Scaredy have the hat of Clumsy, but in the classic series of comic books, these threes have a classic hat (except in this book).

He is known as Dimwitty Smurf in the Random House English translations of the Smurf comic books and in the 2021 animated series. With Clumsy he makes up part of the Smurf Village Fire Brigade.


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