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Double Chan is the cousin of the child Chinese Emperor in the episode "Imperial Panda-Monium". He and his sister wants to capture the emperor and becomes the emperor himself.

In the episode, he and his sister set up a cage on the road that emperor travels and tries to capture the emperor. While they are preparing, Hefty climbs up him as he thinks that Double Chan is a tree for the Smurfs to see far away. Double Chan sees Hefty and shocked, he also spots the other Smurfs and tries to catch them, but traps in his own trap accidentally and the Smurfs escape.

The emperor arrives, he and his men see this. Double Chan and his sister make up an excuse that they are trying to check out if there are any trap on the road. After they have get out from the trap, the emperor asks that who is the person who makes the trap, he answers that this is the work of some "blue demons" (Smurfs). Meanwhile, his sister finds the Smurfs and the reports it to the emperor. The emperor believes it and the Smurfs run away just before anyone else gets them. Double Chan forced the guards to get them, however, they still escapes as he falls into another trap with his sister.

Back to the emperor's palace, Double Chan builds another trap in room. But when he pass through the corridor , he stepped on the emperor's dragon and he runs away from the dragon's fire. Then, his sister accidentally traps him when he enters the room as she thinks that the person who enters the room is the emperor.

Later in the emperor's backyard, Double Chan invites the emperor to fly kites, at the same time, he and his sister ties the emperor's dragon with string and a kite and fly away as the dragon is dangerous and clear a blockade to capture the emperor. The emperor is very sad and they are glad that the succeed of their plan is getting nearer. They plan that they are going to capture the emperor on the coronation ceremony at that night. But they do not realize that Snappy Smurfling (one of the "blue demons" that Double Chan calls) hears about it.

Snappy tries to warn the emperor himself, but Double Chan and his sister have put the emperor in a bag. The emperor's panda, Lord Dumpling tries to free the emperor out, but it fails and also being captured. Double Chan decides to put them into the dungeon.

On the coronation ceremony, Double Chan is on his emperor clothes and the crown. He announces that there will be a new emperor, himself. The people are very angry. Suddenly, his crown is stolen. He looks upwards, sees that the "blue demon" and the dragon is back by a giant kite. Double Chan and his sister escapes and leave by a giant firecracker.


  • The word "Double" in his name is not a correct Chinese name. It was most likely used to make his name sound like a pun for "double chin".