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Egypt is a country located in the northeastern section of the continent of Africa, which is well-known for its pyramids, one of the great wonders of the known world.

Grandpa Smurf had visited Egypt during his 500-year journey into the world to find one of the purest sources of the four primal elements. It is there that he found the purest source of the earth element, and in "Smurfquest" he returns there with Papa Smurf and a few other Smurfs to retrieve a sample of that element which was guarded by the Sphinx.

During the journey of the time-lost Smurfs who were trying to get back to their own time and to the Smurf Village, they arrived in ancient Egypt during the reign of Queen Hogapatra and the cat pharoah Azra (as featured in "Hogapatra's Beauty Sleep" and "Mummy Dearest").

One of the Time Scrolls, which Snappy had almost opened, would have taken the Smurfs to ancient Egypt.

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