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The Emerald Isle is another name for Ireland, one of the countries that is part of the British Isles that is known by Grandpa Smurf for its dells from which leprechauns came. It is also a land that's known for the growth of potatoes (which are not native of Ireland and were introduced during the 1500s), the only source of harmless nutrition that the time-lost Smurfs have discovered, much to their dismay, in "Shamrock Smurfs" when they have visited the island. Greedy, in searching for other kinds of food, cooked up a stew made of shamrocks that turned him into a leprechaun, and he would have remained a leprechaun had Brainy not have accidentally caught him with his potato glue and wished that Greedy would have acted like a normal Smurf, restoring him to being a normal Smurf.

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