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Feathers is a non-human character that appears in the Smurfs comic books, various episodes of the Smurfs cartoon show, and also the movies. It is a crane that faithfully offers rides for the Smurfs to places that would take too long to get to on foot. It also at times protects the Smurfs from various dangers, such as the predatory Howlibird. It is seen more in the earlier episodes of the cartoon television show.

Feathers' gender in the cartoon show is only mentioned once, in the episode "Grandpa's Nemesis", when Grandpa Smurf mentions 'Feathers and his friends'. There seems to be another crane that has appeared a couple of times in various episodes, but the name is not given. It is possible that this other bird is Feathers' mate or close friend.


  • Although referred to once by a male pronoun in the cartoon, it is possible the instance could've been a scripting error and Feathers was meant to be female. In "Heavenly Smurfs", when Papa Smurf formed his guise as the conscience and used himself, Feathers and the steam cloud, the cloud dropped eggs on Gargamel.
  • It is possible Feathers' first appearance in the cartoon series is in "Jokey's Medicine". Feathers is only seen for a few seconds as Greedy Smurf, who is in midair thanks to one of Jokey Smurf's pranks, interferes with Feathers' flying and Feathers squawks in fear.
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