Flowerbell Alt
Also Known AsFlorabelle (alternate spelling)
Voice ActorMona Marshall
First AppearanceSeason 2 (single episode)
UniverseCartoon Show

Cartoon IconSmurfs Village Icon

Flowerbell is a character who has appeared in the episode "Papa's Wedding Day". She is a woodnymph who was captured by Lord Balthazar along with other sorts of creatures that he intended to use to take over the forest. She bartered with Balthazar for her freedom in exchange for capturing the wisest Smurf, which he accepted on the grounds that his pet raven would follow her, making sure she would not fail in her mission nor flee.

Flowerbell flew to the outskirts of the village, where she feigned an injury to get the attention of some nearby Smurfs. Papa Smurf offered Flowerbell his house to stay in for the night for her to heal, and from that moment on Flowerbell made some attempts to sway his attention that he may fall in love with her, including falling into the river so Papa Smurf could rescue her. Her response to his rescuing her by kissing him affected a change in Papa Smurf where he started spending time with her, even to the point where he decided he was going to marry Flowerbell.

Tug My Whiskers

Flowerbell likes Papa Smurf's furry face

His little Smurfs, however, were jealous and somewhat suspicious of Flowerbell, and when they secretly found out what Flowerbell was up to, their suspicions were confirmed, though they were unable to persuade Papa Smurf to listen to them because he was so in love with Flowerbell. Eventually, Papa Smurf found out that Flowerbell was tricking him into marrying her when Lord Balthazar had burst out of a giant wedding cake waiting for them in the forest, though Flowerbell felt so ashamed when Papa Smurf risked his own freedom to rescue her from Balthazar's pet raven that she decided to help the other Smurfs rescue Papa Smurf from the evil wizard. Afterward, she made amends with Papa Smurf and flew off into the forest, hoping that Papa Smurf would find it in his heart to forgive her.

Flowerbell makes an unspoken cameo in the cartoon show special "Smurfily Ever After", as one of the guests at Laconia and Woody's wedding.

The character appears in a storybook adaptation of the cartoon episode by the name of Florabelle.


  • The mannerisms of Flowerbell is based on controversial American film actress Mae West (1893-1980).