Foul weather smurf title card
Foul Weather Smurf
Date of First Airing11/7/1981
Directed byRay Patterson (supervising director)
George Gordon
Bob Hathcock
Carl Urbano
Rudy Zamora

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Title Translation of
Foul Weather Smurf
FrenchLe Schtroumpfeur de pluie
SpanishLa abso-pitufiasombrosa máquina
GermanHandy, der Wettermacher
ItalianIl Puffo guastatempo
DutchDe Slechtweersmurf

This article is about a Smurfs episode based on a comic story. For other uses, see The Weather-Smurfing Machine (disambiguation)

"Foul Weather Smurf" is a Season 1 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


On the day that the Smurfs are supposed to have their annual spring picnic, Handy wakes up to find that the weather is rainy. Smurfette isn't happy about it because her drying laundry is now getting wet -- until Clumsy comes by and slips in some mud, which then causes her laundry to be muddy and wet! Handy suddenly has inspiration for an invention that can control the weather, and soon he's at his drawing desk mapping out the plans for it.

The Smurfs who see him go up to the watermill are laughing when Handy tells them that he's going there to stop the rain. Soon Handy is at work converting the watermill into his latest invention -- the weather-smurfing machine. Papa Smurf shows up with some other Smurfs at the watermill for Handy's demonstration of the device: he pulls a switch, which causes the weather clock to point to a sun, which in turn causes a Smurf figure in a bathing suit and sunglasses to come out of a hatch on the roof like a cuckoo in a cuckoo clock. Soon the sky clears, and it's a bright sunny day! Every Smurf is amazed at the invention, but Papa Smurf wonders if it is wise to tamper with nature like that. Handy assures Papa Smurf that controlling the weather "will be a breeze" -- which he illustrates by suddenly making it very breezy!

Soon it is a bright sunny day again, and the Smurfs are off to their annual spring picnic in the forest by the river. Poet is invited to come along, but he wants to stay to create his "Ode To The Sun", which he does. In the meantime, Farmer is in his fields looking at his crops, seeing that they could use some rain. He goes over to the weather-smurfing machine and activates a switch. Soon a Smurf figure with an umbrella pops out of the hatch, and then the skies start pouring rain. Poet feels a drop while he's busy composing and realizes that somebody set it to rain. He goes to the machine and has the skies become sunny again. Now Farmer is disappointed, so he goes back to the machine to make the skies rainy. Poet again has trouble composing and returns to the machine to bring back the sun. Farmer's crops start to wither, so he returns to the machine to bring back the rain.

Up at the picnic, the Smurfs are seeing rain off and on, which makes Brainy upset that his umbrella "chooses" not to open when it is rainy, and to open when it stops raining. Papa Smurf tells Handy that his weather-smurfing machine may have some problems that he needs to work out. At the machine, Poet and Farmer are now fighting over who gets to control what kind of weather they will have when they eventually break the controls, now causing weather to go out of control. Papa Smurf feels a sweltering heat wave coming on, which makes the Smurfs want to jump into the river to cool off. But as they head there, the weather suddenly switches to winter, and the Smurfs find themselves sliding on hard ice. They take a cue from this and decide to do some ice-skating, but then the weather instantly switches back to warm, causing the Smurfs to fall into the river. Up in the sky, the birds are flying north, and then south, and then north again, confused by the constantly-changing weather patterns.

Papa Smurf tells his little Smurfs that the best course of action right now is to return to the village so Handy can go fix his weather-smurfing machine. But as they head back, they meet Farmer and Poet, who come to them telling that they have broken the machine. Upset at the two Smurfs, Handy races to cross the Smurf river when other Smurfs start seeing a big log going down the river, headed straight for the bridge, destroying it. After Handy is pulled to safety, Papa Smurf leads his Smurfs another way to cross the river, warning his little Smurfs to stick together. As they take the alternate route, the Smurfs are beset with heavy rainstorms, thick fog, chilly snowfalls, and muddy grounds. They briefly rest behind a rock, where some Smurfs are complaining that they will never see home and others are trying to place the blame on who's responsible for the rapid weather-changing, when Papa Smurf tells them to behave themselves before they get going again.

Upon reaching the weather-smurfing machine, Handy finds out that it is so out of control that there is no way he can stop it -- until he sees Brainy's umbrella and decides to turn it into a kite. Attaching it to the control panel of the machine with string, Handy flies the kite straight into the suddenly stormy sky. Lightning then strikes the kite, sending enough electricity into the weather-smurfing machine that totally destroys it, restoring climate control back to normal. The Smurfs learn that day that control of the weather belongs solely in the hands of nature.

As the Smurfs now enjoy a bright sunny day again, Poet is now looking to compose "An Ode To The Rain". Jokey obliges to help Poet by pouring water on him from a flower-watering bucket, which makes the other Smurfs laugh.


"How am I supposed to finish my new 'Ode To The Rain'?"
(Jokey pours water on top of Poet's head)
"That better?"
(Other Smurfs except for Poet laugh with Jokey)
"Well, at least it's ecologically sound!"

- Poet and Jokey

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