Clumsy with the dragon wand
Gargamel's dragon wand
PurposeObject manipulation and transmutation
First AppearanceThe Smurfs (2011 movie)

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Gargamel's dragon wand is a device found by Gargamel in Mr. Wong's Mystical Emporium in the 2011 Smurfs movie. The wand was powered by a drop of Smurf essence, allowing its user to transform and manipulate things to his desire.

Papa Smurf first saw this wand in a vision during the Blue Moon Festival as Clumsy seemingly fails to catch it, believing that he would be responsible for the Smurfs being trapped in cages by their adversary. Later, at the magic book shop, Gargamel got his hands on the wand and used it to capture Papa Smurf, taking him back to his laboratory in the basement of Belvedere Castle and transforming the Smurf essence extractor into a Smurf exfoliator, with the intention of using it to extract Smurf essence from every Smurf. During the battle at the castle with Gargamel fighting the Smurfs who were aided by Patrick and Grace Winslow, Gutsy had snagged the wand but ended up dropping it. Clumsy reached out to grab the wand, seemingly to fulfill what Papa Smurf had seen in the vision, but instead successfully grabs it and uses its power to blast Gargamel far away from Central Park, causing him to land in a pile of garbage bags. With the wand safely out of Gargamel's possession, Papa Smurf snaps it in two and throws it into the pond.

In The Smurfs 2, Gargamel had a duplicate of the first dragon wand which he used to perform his magic tricks for the masses, powered by Smurf essence. This would later be replaced by a larger wand that he called La Wanda which is supposed to be more powerful than his smaller wand, but it proved itself to be too powerful for Gargamel to control as it caused the evil wizard to fly all over the place and wind up back in his own hovel in his own time period. Smurfette was given a similar-shaped wand which was a toy that came with a Gargamel action figure, powered with Smurf essence in order to be used as a magic wand.

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