Outside of Ghoulliope
Ghoulliope Keyboard
Inside of Ghoulliope
PurposeMusical instrument
First Appearance"Smurfily Ever After" (special)

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The Ghoulliope was a magical musical instrument created by Gargamel as an weapon to use against the Smurfs in the cartoon show special "Smurfily Ever After". It is a booth in which an organ plays haunting music that can put whoever listens to it into a trance, and has an extending ramp for the Smurfs to walk up so that they can enter a boiling cauldron.

The Ghoulliope was created when Gargamel received one of the invitations the Smurfs had sent out for attending Woody and Laconia's wedding. It appeared in Bluebell Dell, the setting for the wedding, and appeared to be a harmless gift from Mother Nature, who in the note said that she couldn't attend. However, before Woody and Laconia could make their vows known to each other, Gargamel switched the music from a standard wedding tune to the haunting melody that put the Smurfs in a trance. Laconia, who was unaffected by the music, rescued Smurfette by plugging up her ears with a pair of pillows tied around her head with a sash. They both worked to rescue the other Smurfs from entering the cauldron by tearing off bits of the wedding cake to throw at the Ghoulliope's musical pipes to block the music, and then launched the rest of the cake into the cauldron to block it up. This gave the Smurfs enough time to distance themselves from the Ghoulliope as pressure built up inside the machine until it exploded, sending Gargamel and Azrael flying into the wizard's muck pond.