Picklick, a gnome miner

Gnome Prince Standing - Smurfs
The Gnome Prince from Season 5

Nerdo, an ancient gnoman from long ago

Race TypeHumanoid
ExistenceReal in-universe
First AppearanceSeason 3
UniverseCartoon Show

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Gnomes are humanoid creatures -- sometimes the same size as Smurfs, and sometimes taller. They have pointed ears and can either be thin and tall or short and rotund. Gnomes are known to run a monarchy-established system over their people. Ancient gnomes resided in Italy were known as gnomans, and had rounded ears and were more similar to humans.

In Season 3, the Smurfs meet Picklick, a gnome miner with poor eyesight who was looking for the Cavern Of Gems. Seeing Smurfette among them, Picklick decided that he would take her along as a mate. Hefty, wanting to protect Smurfette from Picklick, disguised himself as Smurfette and took her place as he dug his way to the Cavern Of Gems and there met the female gnome Guardiana, who imprisoned both Picklick and Hefty. Eventually Picklick and Guardiana fell in love with each other and were married.

In Season 5, there is a small Gnoman society living in a region of the forest in a cave (roughly the size fit for a badger, rabbit, or skunk family). It was here where Greedy Smurf was taken to serve as The Gnome King's chef and where he befriended The Gnome Prince.

In "The Tallest Smurf", a pair of gnomes down on their luck were seeking food and were kindly offered a meal at the Smurf Village by Slouchy Smurfling. When they arrived they found the village deserted (due to the Smurfs having been shrunken down to the size of ants by Gourdy). The hungry gnomes then found a gourd in Farmer's house which was actually Gourdy's home, and due to their hunger the gnomes quickly prepared a stew to eat the gourd, but unknown to them the Smurfs were inside. Luckily Gourdy arrived and undid the shrinking spell, restoring the Smurfs to normal. The Smurfs then offered their kind hospitality to the hungry gnomes.

In "Jokey's Cloak", Jokey Smurf found a cloak belonging to the gnome wizard Wislow the Magician which could turn the wearer invisible.

In "Poet The Know-It-All", a gnome fortune teller named Solomon the Soothsayer had an amulet that could see into the future and desired to be rid of his amulet.

In Season 9, another Gnome clan was shown in "Gnoman Holiday"; this group does not have pointed ears and they are the same size as the Smurfs, although one or two may have been a hair shorter. They also have white skin tones and are a based on a monarchy system, living in a city-state based on the ancient city of Rome. The most noted one from this line is Nerdo, the prince.