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Grace Winslow is a human character in the 2011 Smurfs movie who is the pregnant wife of Patrick Winslow and friends of the Smurfs. She first encountered them when she inadvertently rescued Clumsy from being in the toilet. She empathizes with Clumsy's situation in that she too was accident-prone until she met her husband, and encourages him that he can be more than just his name. She acts as a voice of reason to her husband to make him see how lucky he is to have the Smurfs around, even though Clumsy accidentally changed his ad campaign for Anjelou by transmitting the "blue moon" digital ad. She helps protect the Smurfs at FAO Schwarz when they were looking for a "stargazer" and also joins them in rescuing Papa Smurf from Gargamel when he got his hands on the dragon wand.

She gives birth to a son named Blue, who is seen in the end credits and appears in the sequel as a four-year-old child.

She appears in The Smurfs 2 helping Patrick Winslow and the Smurfs infiltrate Gargamel's hotel room in Paris in order to rescue Smurfette, procuring a waiter outfit for Patrick to use by posing as Gargamel's agent. Again she acts as a voice of reason to Patrick to make him see how important his stepfather Victor Doyle is in both his life and that of his son. She also appears in cartoon form in the cutscenes for The Smurfs 2: The Video Game.

Her character is played by Jayma Mays.

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