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The Great Book Of Spells is an object that Gargamel possesses in the basement of his hovel which he uses at times to come up with potentially foolproof plans to capture the Smurfs when his own magical abilities fall short. The book rests on a lectern in an alcove flanked by two candles that light up when the spirit of the book is active. It first appeared in the episode "The Winged Wizard" in Season 3 and has appeared in various episodes up until Season 8.

The Great Book Of Spells can only be activated on the night of the final phase of the full moon, and from that point on will remain active for until the sun goes down the next day. Gargamel activates its spirit by saying, "O Great Book Of Spells, upon whose pages dwell secrets that no one tells... awake for Gargamel!", which causes its pages to open and the voice of the spirit to respond (usually in a condescending manner to its owner) to whatever request Gargamel asks of it. The spirit then gives Gargamel a sort of ritual that he must perform in order to have whatever it is Gargamel asks for (which usually the means to have it done materializes out of thin air). Usually, in Gargamel's case, the thing that he asks for hardly ever works out in his favor, usually as a result of him insufficiently explaining his requests for the book and/or the book interpreting them however it sees fit. Sometimes whatever Gargamel asks for does work, but ends up working against him by some flaw in whatever the Great Book Of Spells has given the wizard.

Although Gargamel tends to be the prime user of the Great Book Of Spells, Scruple and the Smurfs have at least in one episode used the book for their own purposes.


Spell to summon the biggest bird in the world:

"Draw this pentagram on the ground,
light toad fat candles all around,
stand in the middle toes to your nose,
to get your wish repeat this prose:
upses downses, whosey whatses,
rara abus, thirty-one flavus."

Spell to build a flying machine:

"Draw this circle in the dirt,
sprinkle skunk juice on your shirt,
stand upon your empty head,
with your feeble arms outspread,
and repeat the words when said:
wata shmata, thread your needle,
pedal pusher, flying beetle."

Spell to summon a bigger house:

"Draw this diamond in the dust,
munch on bread with moldy crust,
stand on your ear loaves perfectly still,
to get your dream house repeat if you will:
second mortgage, big foreclosure,
low down payment, high embrasure."

Spell to conjure up an invisible Smurf catcher:

"First, tear up your wizard's hat,
then do a waltz with a slime covered cat."

Spell to summon a Water Chameleon:

"In the dirt design a square,
then perform a tap dance there,
dance upon a wooden pail,
don't be angry if you fail."

Spell to create a new Smurf Village:

"Find ye a place where the mushrooms grow,
grind up the feathers of a full grown crow,
add to this toenails of a badger's toe,
over the mushrooms this mixture throw."

Spell to make magic mirrors:

"Find ye two mirrors of equal size,
rub on the wings of dragonflies,
stick out your tongue and cross yours eyes,
and say three times the word advertise."

Spell to conjure up a stone wall:

"Stand on your hands, give your knee a slap,
say walla walla and you spring the trap."

Spell to stop an ice spell:

"Cackle like a chicken twice,
and that should put an end to ice."


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