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Guillaume (French for "William") is a villain in the "Johan and Peewit" comics series. He appears in Basenhau's Punishment and The Goblin Of Rocky Wood. He is the only recurring villain in the comics series.

Guillaume acts as henchman to feudal lords plotting against the King. He is an educated man of high breeding since he is able to read — which the comics acknowledge was not common in the early Middle Ages. However, he is also a coward who watches from afar the battles he has instigated and flees when his side appears defeated.

Basenhau's Punishment

Guillaume was originally the henchman of Lord Basenhau who intended to overthrow the King. Cautious, Guillaume sent a spy to check out the defences of the King's castle. The spy was found out by Johan the pageboy who imprisoned him. In disguise, Johan then went to Basenhau's castle, claiming to be a messenger sent by the spy, and supplied Basenhau and Guillaume with false information. Confident, they set off with their army. On Guillaume's advice, they took a longer route in order to avoid attention. Johan took a more direct route back to the King's castle and was able to organise the defences before Basenhau's army appeared.

Basenhau launched an immediate attack. As the battle began, Guillaume retreated to a safe distance. The attack failed and Basenhau was forced to call it off and set up camp. He took his anger out on Guillaume, accusing him of cowardice. Guillaume rightfully guessed that they had been tricked and advised they leave. Even more infuriated, Basenhau kicked Guillaume out of his tent! Guillaume took out his frustrations by kicking a mocking soldier!

Basenhau later received a message by arrow which was supposedly sent by his spy (it was actually from Johan, setting another trap). Since he could not read, Basenhau summoned Guillaume who read the message, but with his back turned and requesting that he leave straight after he had finished. Basenhau took the snobbish attitude with amusement, quite satisfied with the message which seemed to assure him of victory.

On the basis of the message, Basenhau led half his army into a trap which compelled them to surrender. The other half was then attacked and defeated by the King's army. Guillaume fled and Johan saw little point in going after him.

The Goblin of Rocky Wood

Johan and Guillaume

Guillaume entered the service of Girard de Waltriquet, another lord plotting to overthrow the King. From Sir Piefroy, one of the King's knights, they learned of rumours of a goblin called Peewit who was stealing food and playing tricks on the peasants near the King's castle. They thus arranged to kidnap the King's niece, Princess Anne, and framed Peewit for the crime. However, Peewit had been befriended recently by Johan who, believing his innocence, tracked the Princess down to Waltriquet's castle but was captured. While held prisoner he was confronted by Guillaume.

Peewit himself broke into Waltriquet's castle and freed both Johan and the Princess. Pursued by Guillaume and Waltriquet they fled into one of the castle's towers and barricaded themselves in the top floor. In his fury, Waltriquet wanted to demolish the tower but Guillaume calmly advised that they waited for the fugitives to surrender for lack of food and water.

That night, however, Peewit was able to escape the tower, return to the King's castle and prove his innocence. The King and his army then lay siege to Waltriquet's castle. Waltriquet tried to fight back but was soon overwhelmed.

Ever the coward, Guillaume fled the castle through a secret passage. Johan, however, was determined to put an end to his scheming and went after him, accompanied by Peewit and his goat Biquette. Seeing Johan in pursuit, Guillaume resolved to get rid of him once and for all. He climbed a small hill and pushed over a large stone in an effort to crush Johan. Johan was able to avoid the stone but some pebbles hit Biquette who angrily chased after Guillaume and gave him such a beating that he was quick to surrender.

Guillaume went to join Waltriquet and Basenhau in the King's dungeons.