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1981 TV Show Icon.jpgJohan Icon.jpg "Handy's Kite" is a Season 3 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

On a bright sunny day in the Smurf Village, the Smurfs start seeing kites flying in the sky and decide that they should build their own. Greedy goes into his kitchen and makes himself a kite made of dough. Vanity shows off his kite with his portrait on it to Smurfette, who says that it's a real work of art. Brainy complains that their fascination with kites is rather childish (which earns him a hurl across the village), while Papa Smurf looks outside from his house at the kites flying, saying that it takes him back to the days of his youth before he starts wondering.

Handy and Brainy are then seen building their own kites, with Handy building a box kite while Clumsy pays him a visit concerning his failure of building a suitable kite, and Brainy building what he calls a Clocktharkian Wing which Smurfette says will never fly. As Dreamy sits by his window in his house dreaming about soaring high in the air as he watches the kites, Brainy is ready to launch his Clocktharkian Wing on its first flight, but he can barely get his invention to fly before it lands right on top of him and breaks. Handy gets Clumsy's kite flying and goes back into his workshop to complete his box kite when Brainy brings Dreamy with him to see Handy because Dreamy has an idea of building a big kite that passengers can fly in. Handy believes it's possible, and soon the other Smurfs are gathered around to see Handy with his giant kite and a passenger gondola attached to it.

With a giant reel of string attached to the kite, it is ready to launch with its passengers: Handy, Dreamy, Brainy, and Clumsy. A group of Smurfs are running with the kite string to help it launch, and soon it starts to take to the air. But then the string unravels too fast until it it loosed from the spool, and the kite ends up ascending so far up that they no longer have any control over it. Smurfette and Papa Smurf become worried, as they don't know what's going to happen to the kite or its passengers.

As the kite continues to sail high in the air, with Brainy becoming worried about himself, Handy trying to calm Brainy down, and Clumsy and Dreamy being fascinated about the fact that they're flying, they find themselves sailing over the castle of Lord Balthazar, who sees the kite sailing in the sky and uses his crossbow to knock it down. The serpent delivers to his master the Smurfs that are found in the gondola, which makes Balthazar pleased that it has been a fortuitous night. While Balthazar contemplates about what he's going to do with the Smurfs he has captured, Sir Johan and Peewit are riding through the forest at night with the young jester trying his best to sing.

The following day, a message is delivered to Papa Smurf from Lord Balthazar, telling him to bring all his books and maps if he wants to see his little Smurfs alive. Papa Smurf realizes that he has no choice but to do what Balthazar requires of him, so as Hefty gathers up all the books and maps to put into a wagon, Papa Smurf drafts a reply that he sends to the evil wizard, who upon reading it crumples it up and tosses it into the fire, thinking Papa Smurf a fool for believing that gentlemen always keep their word.

Soon the wagon is ready, and Papa Smurf tells his little Smurfs to give Hefty the same respect as they would him, leaving him in charge of the village while he's gone, and saying that if the four other Smurfs don't return in six days, they may send a scouting party. After the Smurfs watch Papa Smurf depart with the wagon, Smurfette decides that she's going to go rescue the other Smurfs despite what Papa Smurf says. Hefty simply warns her to be careful as she takes off with Feathers into the sky.

After Papa Smurf's arrival in Lord Balthazar's castle with the books, the evil wizard finds himself with visitors outside his gate. It is Sir Johan and Peewit, who arrived to ask for food and lodging for the night. Balthazar tells his visitors to begone or else he will send his dragons upon them. As Sir Johan and Peewit depart from the castle rather offended by the lack of hospitality, Balthazar decides that he's going to make gold with the captured Smurfs, so he sends for his godchild Gargamel, the only wizard he knows that has the formula for making gold with Smurfs.

Sir Johan and Peewit make a campfire for themselves in the forest to keep themselves warm when Smurfette appears unto them to warn them about Balthazar holding her fellow Smurfs hostage. While Smurfette flies ahead to the castle with Sir Johan and Peewit following after her, Gargamel arrives to give his godfather a hand in mixing the formula, although their first few attempts of doing so have resulted in explosions. Then just as the formula mixture is complete and Gargamel is ready to lower three Smurfs into the mixture, Smurfette with Feathers comes flying in to rescue the Smurfs and knock the cauldron over, causing the boiling mixture to pour onto the floor and making Gargamel and Balthazar jump around. The evil godfather wizard becomes so angry that he is ready to use an axe on his victims, but at the same moment, Sir Johan and Peewit arrive at the door, warning Balthazar that if he swings his axe he will regret it. Balthazar meekly relents, and after the Smurfs are set free, the young knight tells Papa Smurf that he will safely deliver his books to Homnibus before he sets off on his horse, with Peewit walking behind his partner with his goat Biquette carrying the books.

Back in the Smurf Village, Dreamy feels sad that his kite-flying journey has ended, while Clumsy gives Papa Smurf a kite that he has built himself. Brainy complains that it's going to be a very short kite season without any string. Papa Smurf tells Dreamy that there will always be next year, which inspires Dreamy to build an even bigger kite that he can fly to the moon and the stars with.


  • This episode would be referenced in "The Smurf Who Would Be King" as a vision of Smurfette reminds Dreamy of past adventures that required courage.
  • This is the only time in the entire series that Gargamel, Azrael, Johan, and Peewit are featured in the same episode.
    • Johan and Peewit never refer to Gargamel and Balthazar by name.
    • Balthazar also appears in the episode "The Moor's Baby", in which Johan and Peewit also appeared. That marks as the second and final time he was featured in a Johan And Peewit episode.
  • Two scenes in a row are cut from the syndicated version of the episode:
    • Clumsy going to Handy’s to have his broken kite fixed, Handy fixing it for him and telling him to have fun before heading back inside.
    • Brainy working on his kite in his house with Smurfette coming by his window and asking him what he's doing. The entirety of this scene is cut.