Robot Servants
The robot servants in their "undressed" state
A robot servant in its "dressed" state
Handy's robot servants
First AppearanceCan't Smurf Progress (comic book)

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Handy's robot servants were a series of robotic creations that Handy had developed in the comic book story "Can't Smurf Progress". This came about when Handy was building all sorts of machines that would enable his fellow Smurfs to take their ease while the machines did all the work. Greedy, who was desiring to have a machine like Clockwork Smurf be able to bring him breakfast, went to Handy Smurf with this idea, who decided to build such a machine using sections of tree trunks he had collected. During a test of one of the machines, it went haywire and crashed into a Smurf house. Fortunately, Handy found out that its problem was that he had left a screwdriver inside the machine, which enabled the robot servant to work perfectly after it was removed.

Soon after the machines were put into operation to serve the Smurfs, Vanity had Painter paint them in the elegant appearance of restaurant waitstaff. They then were used to cater to the Smurfs' every whim, even in playing a game of smurfball. However, with the Smurfs becoming lazy as the robot servants now did all the work, they also became fussy when the machines didn't meet their standards such as leaving spots on plates and fingerprints on glasses during mealtime. Papa Smurf, when he returned from his trip to find the robot servants in operation, was disappointed to find that his little Smurfs were taking advantage of the machines, but was nonetheless grateful to discover that the same machines had tidied up his laboratory while he was gone. However, he chose to continue doing his work while the robot servants helped him.

Eventually, one of the servants, a garbage disposal unit that would eat garbage and transform it into bricks, had eaten Papa Smurf's hazardous chemicals when they were left out by mistake as garbage, and in the process gained sentience and speech capability. The garbage disposal robot would then reprogram all the other servants to serve him instead, capturing all the Smurfs and having them serve the robots as well as him, building him a castle from which he would rule over the entire Smurf Village as King Trash I.

Farmer Smurf, who has left the village for a time to get away from the invasive presence of Handy's machines, returned to find that Papa Smurf has been imprisoned in the forest by the machines when he sought to take control of them. Together with Handy Smurf, Farmer freed Papa Smurf and helped to find a way that they can deactivate the machines. The solution was found in the use of termites, which were then put into a robot companion made for King Trash I to be his queen so that they would go after the other robot servants and destroy them as well. King Trash I tried to escape, but instead was led into a machine that turned logs into furniture, thus ending his threat.

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