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Harmony (original French name Schtroumpf Musicien) is one of the main characters of the Smurfs comic books and the Smurfs cartoon show, who has appeared on the show up until the Season 9 premiere episode, "The Smurfs That Time Forgot".


He is a musician who is usually off-key and annoys his fellow Smurfs by his attempts to play a musical instrument, usually his horn. Sometimes, his music proves to actually be quite good, like in the new Smurf movie, where he is one of the instrument players (playing his trademark horn) in the opening sequence.

Role in the Village

Harmony's role is supposed to be the musician of the Smurfs who plays beautiful music. Instead, he just blows his off-key trumpet at random times. He occasionally plays a musician role, when the Smurfs are celebrating. In fact, the Smurfs turn to him when they need music. Examples are when he is shown performing while the other Smurfs do entertaining talents, such as in the opening sequence of the new Smurf movie, where he plays his horn for the dancing Smurfs. In times of danger, Harmony's role would be that of a village siren, where he would play his horn to warn the other Smurfs. This role would be taken over by Crazy Smurf in the 2011 Smurfs movie.

Music Skills

Harmony is the worst musician there is. His main instrument is his trumpet, which is completely off-key. In fact, he's something of a multi-instrumentalist; in "Smurphony In 'C'" he was given the opportunity to try other instruments when the other Smurfs were trying to figure out if a different instrument would make any difference. They let him play the lute, the trombone, the harp, and the harmonium, all of which ended up sounding really off-key. It all cumulated when Brainy Smurf handed him a triangle, and after striking the instrument, the tone was so off key that it fractured the glass in Brainy's glasses. A final attempt had him conducting the orchestra, resulting in everybody playing off-key.

Everytime Brainy or Papa Smurf are announcing something, he plays his trumpet so that the others would know, so he's not entirely bad at this job. Also, it seems like Harmony is in charge of the wake-up-calls for the Smurfs.

While he may be the musician, there is a chance Harmony is either tone deaf or finds his own music to be master pieces. In one episode, he wished for his trumpet to play better, only to throw it away because it didn't make a 'good sound', despite it sounding very pleasant. Despite his awful skills when it comes to playing instruments, it seems that Harmony is actually a great singer as seen in "A Mere Truffle" where he sang a song about his love for truffles (which was actually Poet Smurf's truffle poem). This was later contradicted in the Season 7 episode, "Crooner Smurf", as the plot focuses on him being an awful singer until he wore the amulete, causing him to sing like how he sang in the Mere Truffle episode.

Relationships With Others

Harmony gets on all the Smurfs nerves whenever he plays, but he isn't disliked (Smurfs prefer him over Brainy).

They don't seem to be a fan of him, though, often being happy if Harmony doesn't play his off-tuned trumpet anymore. They do care for him, though, saving him whenever he gets himself into trouble.

Yet, there are moments where he's asking for trouble. In "Romeo And Smurfette", Harmony keeps on interrupting Handy and Hefty's love songs for Smurfette by blowing his horn everytime they're close to finishing. He did this until they threw him out of the village, in the same manner they throw out Brainy.


See Harmony Smurf/Appearances.

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In The Movies

The Smurfs (2011)

Harmony was mentioned in the 2011 Smurfs movie when the Smurfs were mentioning the others that they miss. He also appears in cartoon form in the credits as a stock image.

The Smurfs 2

While he was never seen in the first movie, Harmony makes an appearance in the beginning of The Smurfs 2, where he, along with Handy, Farmer, Crazy, Smooth, Panicky Smurf and Hefty Smurf were performing music while Narrator was telling the story of Smurfette's creation. Despite being more well-known for playing trumpet, Harmony Smurf is playing guitar while Panicky Smurf plays trumpet.

Smurf Videogames

Smurfs' Village

In the Smurfs' Village game, you can buy Harmony's hut on the island for 30 smurfberries.

Smurfs Bubble Story

In the game Smurfs Bubble Story, after the player unlocks Harmony, Jazzy Smurf welcomes him into Jazzy's band.

The Smurfs 2: The Video Game

In The Smurfs 2: The Video Game, Harmony is one of the CGI characters you can rescue by collecting enough Smurf coins.

In Other Media Presentations

The Smurfs (2021 TV series)

Harmony appears with Jokey in a teaser for the Smurfs CGI cartoon TV show.

In "Alien Smurf", he gets hypnotized by Gleeko. During the later part of the episode, he and two other Smurfs play "happy birthday" to him while still hypnotized.

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  • His character in the 1980's cartoon show was voiced by the late Hamilton Camp.
  • He also made a brief cameo in Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue.
  • Harmony is misidentified as Rocker Smurf in the Random House English version of "The Astro Smurf".
    • In the "King Smurf" episode, he uses modern (at the time) slang, such as "Like, I blow a heavy horn, [you] dig?". This could've been inspired by the error (as in, an attempt to make Harmony come off as a music-loving hippie or rocker type), as Hanna-Barbera referenced Random House's translations of the comics for material while producing Season 1. He also occasionally uses "like" in the same fashion outside of this season, such as in "The Masked Pie Smurfer", making it a small part of his speech pattern.
  • In the 2021 cartoon series, he now is often seen with black sunglasses like an actual DJ.
  • Harmony is not named nor seen to be playing his trademark horn in Smurfs: The Lost Village; a Smurf playing a saxophone is present towards the beginning and end of the film but is not positively identified as Harmony.
  • Harmony seems to have an Italian accent, because in the episode, "The Whole Smurf And Nothing But The Smurf", when he suggested he would put effort on his music, he said "fantisimo", while he explained. He is also singing like an Italian opera singer in the episode "A Mere Truffle" when he turned Poet's truffle poem into a song and in "Crooner Smurf" when he wore the amulete that made him sing perfectly, despite singing horribly in the beginning and end of the episode.
  • He probabaly appeared in The Smurfs And The Magic Flute film as the Smurf who played the trumpet in the party scene.