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"Haunted Smurfs" is a Season 1 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

It is autumn, and the Smurfs for preparing for winter to come by storing up food. Clumsy shows up with a nut and tells Papa Smurf that there's a whole tree full of them when a squirrel shows up, irritated that the Smurf has thoughtlessly taken something from his food supply. Then Hefty, Vanity, and Grouchy show up rolling some apples along, with Hefty directing the other two Smurfs on where they should roll them along to. Smurfette is at the storehouse helping Handy load some sacks of food into it. With Handy saying that the storehouse is all full, Papa Smurf is pleased to know that they will have plenty to eat all winter.

Then winter comes, and the Smurfs are excited to have the first snowfall blanket the village. They go outside to play, with some Smurfs throwing snowballs at each other, and Smurfette and Greedy building a snow Smurf with some of their stored food. But then a bell alarm goes off, and as the Smurfs respond to it, they see that the storehouse is on fire. Papa Smurf tells his little Smurfs to get some buckets and form a line so they could draw water from the river and put out the fire. But not only is the river frozen over, causing Hefty to slip and break through the ice, but also the water drawn from the river is frozen by the time Papa Smurf gets the buckets and tries to empty its contents onto the fire. Soon it causes the chestnuts to start popping, making most of the Smurfs run in fear, though Greedy picks up a fallen chestnut and starts eating it.

After the storehouse has been burned down to the ground, Papa Smurf sees that there's nothing left. This makes the other Smurfs worried as to what they're going to do without food. Papa Smurf goes off to ponder the situation while the other Smurfs try to deal with the situation at hand the best way they can. Eventually Papa Smurf has to tell his little Smurfs that they will have to leave the village -- a decision that makes Smurfette sad because the village has been her home and she can't think of living anywhere else. Papa Smurf says that it's for the best that they leave and head south, where he is sure that they will find food. He tells his little Smurfs that they will travel light, so they are to bring only the things they need. However, as Papa Smurf gets ready to lead the Smurfs out of the village, he sees that they're bringing the whole village with them!

Soon, though, with just their bare essentials, the Smurfs make their way through the snowy landscape, trying to keep themselves going for as long as possible before they freeze. Then Papa Smurf sees a castle up ahead, which looks like a place they could stay for the night. They knock upon the door of the castle, but nobody appears at the door to answer. The Smurfs then sneak in through a window and see that the castle appears deserted. As they go inside to investigate, a pair of eyes look through a painting at the blue visitors. Smurfette sees that the place is dirty, while Clumsy shivers in fear seeing that the place is also scary. Brainy tries to calm Clumsy's fears with a bit of practical advice when he gets spooked by a sound that makes him jump into Clumsy's arms in fear. Papa Smurf tells Brainy that it's probably just the sound of the wind, and tries to keep his little Smurfs focused on finding food.

As they travel down a hallway, the Smurfs continue to get spooked by a lot more than just "the sound of the wind" in the castle: a spider that pops up in front of Smurfette, a pair of creepy eyes peering out of a dark hole, a door that closes behind them and seals them inside the next room, and then the sound of something walking around in a metal suit. Even Papa Smurf, who says he knows that there no such things as ghosts, begins to get creeped out as he sees a tall dark shadowy form approaching from another door and decides he should check up on his little Smurfs.

They travel down another hallway, with Brainy trying to convince himself that Papa Smurf's wisdom is correct on the matter of ghosts when he hears a fierce growling that makes him jump into Smurfette's arms in fear. It turns out that it's simply the hallway echoing Greedy's growling stomach. Then Papa Smurf and Harmony hear music coming from a room at the end of a passageway around the corner, and so they approach the room only to see a harpsichord playing by itself and a candelabra floating in the air. This makes most of the Smurfs believe that there really are ghosts, but then Papa Smurf notices a line attached to a wall that's holding the candelabra high in the air. He seems more than convinced that there are no ghosts in the castle, even as the other Smurfs get spooked by the appearance of a headless knight walking around. Frightened by this strange figure, all the other Smurfs ran away (unaware that they ran over Papa Smurf). Just as Papa Smurf was about to scold Brainy, he ends up saving him from being crushed by the armor.

Papa Smurf finds his little Smurfs and tells them what he has discovered, suggesting that the headless knight really wasn't haunted all along. Brainy tries to tell his fellow Smurfs that he knew that was the case all along, only for them to toss him inside the helmet of a fallen suit of armor. The village leader has Jokey use one of his "surprises" to draw their "haunted host" out into the open, and as the headless knight opens the gift box, it explodes, removing the suit of armor to reveal an old man who's been living in the castle. Papa Smurf asks the man if he's all right, then tells him who he and his little Smurfs were and what they were doing in the castle. The old man is willing to offer them food, but says that there is a real ghost that lives in the castle who's been taking everything he has. However, as the Smurfs sit down to a single piece bread that the old man is willing to share, they see that a rat has taken off with the slice. They chase after the rat to get the slice of bread back, only to fall into a hole and find that the rat has taken a whole treasure trove of items, including food.

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Soon the Smurfs are all packed up and ready to go, thankful that the old man is willing to share his provisions with them. The old man, now identified as Mr. Poppery, is thankful that the Smurfs have found everything that the rat stole from him and is willing to give them some of his gold and treasures since he will never be able to spend it all. Papa Smurf refuses the offer, saying that the Smurfs have no need for gold, only food. As the Smurfs depart from the castle, the old man feeds his new pet rat a slice of bread, saying that from now on they will share the food.

Back in the village, Papa Smurf is ready to serve his little Smurfs a feast that they can be grateful for when Greedy gets up and excuses himself from the table, saying that he has had a few snacks along the way. This makes the other Smurfs laugh.

Background Information

  • This episode is an adaptation of the comic book story "Hunger Of The Smurfs" (also known as "The Hungry Smurfs"), which appeared as a backup story to "The Smurfette".
  • Like the original story, this is one of the mainstream media Smurf stories that invoke the Exposed To The Elements trope mentioned on TV Tropes, as the Smurfs hardly wear anything heavier than a scarf to protect themselves from the wintry weather.
  • Also like the original story, this episode evokes the Diabulos Ex Machina trope, in which a sudden disaster happens without any in-story explanation.


  • When Papa Smurf tells the Smurfs they have to abandon the village, after Smurfette says she doesn't want to go anywhere else, a close-up of Papa Smurf is shown when he tells her that leaving the village is their only hope, but in that close-up, his pants are white instead of red.
  • When Papa Smurf tells the Smurfs they must travel light, a close-up of him is shown, but his pants are white instead of red again.
  • When Papa Smurf saves Brainy from the knight armor from falling onto him, after the knight armor has crashed to the ground, Brainy doesn't have his glasses.
  • When the Smurfs look at the treasure trove of items they find after chasing the rat that stole their bread, a close-up of them is shown. They look left and right at the treasure they've found, but every time Papa Smurf looks to his left, his nose is the same color as his beard (white).
  • When Papa Smurf says, "Greedy! Aren't you hungry?" his pants are white instead of red.
  • The Smurfs actually do encounter ghosts in the series. Strangely, in this episode and in the original comic story, there are no ghosts.


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