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"Heavenly Smurfs" is a Season 2 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

Gargamel goes out into the forest carrying a net in his hands with Azrael following him, ready to catch Smurfs. The evil wizard says that this must be his lucky day, and soon luck is apparently with him as he hears Smurfs nearby laughing. A few of them are busy collecting firewood while Jokey is busy trying to entertain his fellow Smurfs with a balancing act. Then Vanity sees Gargamel's face in the mirror's reflection and tells his fellow Smurfs, causing them to run for safety. As they flee from the evil wizard, Gargamel's net gets caught in a tree branch, and both the wizard and his cat are knocked out, flat on the ground.

Jokey, who's still rolling around on a rock, checks Gargamel's condition and tells his fellow Smurfs how wonderful it would be if he and Azrael were always nice. Smurfette says that that would be heavenly, which inspires Jokey with an idea. Leaving his fellow Smurfs with Gargamel and Azrael to make sure they stay unconscious for a while longer, Jokey goes to the village and tells his other fellow Smurfs his plan. They all think it's a great idea, though Grouchy says, "I hate plans".

smurfs as devils

smurfs as angels

gargamel pleading to the smurfs

Soon Handy uses his fog machine to create a lot of clouds around Gargamel and Azrael. While the fog covers the both of them, Jokey calls for Gargamel to wake up. He does, only to be surprised when he finds some angel Smurfs at a judge's stand. Gargamel assumes that he must now be in heaven and it was right for him to hate the Smurfs. Jokey as one of the judges opens up a book and tells the wizard that his future doesn't look good. Then a few Smurfs dressed as devils appear, showing where he's really headed for. Azrael sniffs the devil Smurfs and suspects that they are really ordinary Smurfs, but Gargamel pulls his cat away from them, fearing a worse punishment than the one that's currently being suggested.

Jokey says that the only way the wizard can reverse his fate is that he must go back and be kind to the Smurfs. As much as Gargamel doesn't like that idea, he hates the idea of going to hell even more and vehemently pleads that he will do what the angels say. Jokey then tells him to close his eyes and count to ten, and as Gargamel does this, the Smurfs depart until the fog disappears. When Gargamel opens his eyes, he sees that he is back in the land of the living and given a second chance, now seeking to do good unto the Smurfs.

Back in their regular Smurf clothes, Jokey and his fellow Smurfs test out Gargamel's change of heart when they step out from a bush and start walking out in the open toward Gargamel. They all react in fear and run from him, but this time he chases after them, trying to tell them that he wants to be their friend (a word that he detests using). He appears to cut off their escape, but this time he simply tells them that he wants to do good unto them. Some of the Smurfs are in total disbelief over this revelation, but Gargamel is eager to show that he's a changed man and that he will do anything for them. Jokey decides to take advantage of that and tells the wizard that there are a few chores he could do.

Soon the Smurfs are lying back on a rock relaxing while Gargamel is hunched over, picking smurfberries off the bushes and loading them onto carts being pulled by Azrael. Gargamel tells the Smurfs that he's doing fine just before he bumps his head into a tree. Then he is busy working on the bridge while standing in the water with the Smurfs hoping that he wouldn't catch a cold, while the net holding Azrael is being used for a ball basket. Finally he is hunched over again painting the village dam, and as he could feel his back snap he lets out a curse toward the Smurfs which they end up hearing and he tries to cover it up as best as he can.

After sending Gargamel away and hoping they will see him tomorrow, the Smurfs visit Papa Smurf in his house, who is laid up in bed with a broken foot in a cast. He runs down the list of chores that he hopes his little Smurfs have got done in his absence, and they confirm that they're all done. Papa Smurf is pleased to hear this from his little Smurfs, though Smurfette almost gives it away that they had help from Gargamel. As the other Smurfs leave, Papa Smurf rests easy and says what good little Smurfs they are.

Back in Gargamel's castle, the evil wizard tries to relax with his feet soaking in a tub of hot water, but he is at the end of his rope trying to be nice to the Smurfs, which he feels goes against every fiber in his being. Then the angel Smurfs pay him a visit, handing him a list of chores for him to do the following day. As the angels make their exit, Azrael swipes his paw at one of them, and Gargamel sees that one of the angels have lost their wings, revealing them to be ordinary Smurfs playing a joke on him. Gargamel decides that it's time to get even with them.

The following day, Papa Smurf leaps for joy as his broken foot is now fully healed and out of the cast. He goes out to tell his little Smurfs, but only finds Smurfette and asks her where everybody is. She tells Papa Smurf that they're with Gargamel, which makes the village leader gasp. Out in the forest, Gargamel plays with the charade of still being a changed man as he walks with the Smurfs back to the village with carts full of smurfberries. The Smurfs sound reluctant to have the wizard come to their village, but as he tries to convince them that there's more that he wishes to do for them, Jokey realizes that it's time for Papa Smurf to meet the new Gargamel, and the other Smurfs with him agree.

The Smurfs that are left in the village are surprised to find Gargamel appearing with their fellow Smurfs and act fearful. Jokey tells them that he's only here to help them with a few chores. Gargamel tells them that he's going to help himself with a few Smurfs, as he brings out a net and starts swooping it around to catch some. While the Smurfs run in fear from both Azrael and the net, an ominous voice calls out to Gargamel, asking what he thinks he is doing. He looks above his head and sees a small cloud, and from the cloud the same voice says that he is the wizard's conscience. He commands Gargamel to leave the Smurfs alone, and when Gargamel objects to the command, the cloud dumps an egg on his face. As Gargamel continues to object, he continues to get splatted on by eggs. The conscience tells Gargamel that he and his cat must leave the village, and soon it chases the wizard far away while splatting eggs on him, making sure he would never find his way to the village again.

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Back in the village, the Smurfs are glad for the conscience showing up to chase Gargamel away before Papa Smurf knew what they were up to. Jokey says that next time they should come up with a better plan. Then the conscience shows up over them, warning Jokey to have no more plans and warning the other Smurfs to be good or else he will tell Papa Smurf, because he will be watching. The Smurfs all say that they will as the cloud departs. It lands near Smurfette, revealing it to be Papa Smurf riding on Feathers. Smurfette asks Papa Smurf how it went, and Papa Smurf replies that they bought it hook, line, and sinker...and with his megaphone voice, he adds, "and eggs," which makes Smurfette giggle.


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  • When Jokey says, "Yes, Conscience!" while cowering in fear, his mouth doesn't move.
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