The Annual Imitate Festival in full swing.

In all forms of Smurfs media, the Smurfs have an array of holidays and festivals, each with a deep and cultural meaning. In the story of the Hundredth Smurf, for example, they have to perform a song and dance to the moon, and for that there needs to be exactly 100 Smurfs to perform that routine.

Related to that, in the comic version of The Fake Smurf, Gargamel finds out that one of the daily routines of the Smurfs is to practice a song and dance routine, but with him having never done that routine, he quickly messes it up.

In The Smurfs And The Golden Tree, there is a festival involving a tree trunk with a gold veneer, which is meant to ward off bad luck and bad spirits.

And then there's the annual Imitate Festival in which every Smurf has to become another Smurf for a whole day.

In the 2011 Smurfs movie, there is the Blue Moon Festival in which Papa Smurf is able to see what the future may hold for his little Smurfs for the coming year.

See Smurf customs for a list of customs in all Smurfs media, and Holidays, festivals, and observances for a list of such holidays that are observed by the Smurfs.

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