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Title Translation of
It's A Smurfy Life
FrenchLe Schtroumpf Bricoleur n'a pas de chance
SpanishAsí es la vida
GermanAlle lieben Handy
ItalianÈ una vita puffosa
DutchHet is een smurfig leven

"It's A Smurfy Life" is a Season 8 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary


It's the middle of winter in the Smurf Village, and as Slouchy and Sassette are busy trying to build a snow Smurf, Handy is busy demonstrating his new invention called the Heatomatic, which will keep Smurf homes warm throughout the cold season. Brainy scoffs at the invention, saying that he's rather build a fire with his own two hands in the same way he knitted together his own pair of gloves. Papa Smurf tells Brainy that he won't be able to build fires for awhile because all the firewood has been frozen solid. Brainy decides that Handy's heating machine will have to do, but as he waves his hands around, one of his gloves flies off his hand and goes into the Heatomatic, which makes Brainy upset because he's now down to one glove.

But as amazing as Handy's Heatomatic is to the Smurfs, his next new machine amazes them even more -- the Blow-As-You-Go Snow Rover. With it, Greedy says that they can go into the forest to pick smurfberries for his cider. Brainy scoffs at this idea, saying who would want to go into the freezing forest in the middle of winter to pick smurfberries, but as the other Smurfs respond that they would as they follow after Handy and his Snow Rover, Brainy decides that he might as well go with them. As they head off into the forest, nobody notices how furiously the Heatomatic is starting to work now.

With the Smurfs following Handy's lead as he blows the snow from their path and they sing the Smurf song together, Slouchy and Sassette both notice three unusual snowmen that have appeared in the forest, and as they move on, the snowmen start to follow after the Smurfs. Brainy, who is riding the Snow Blower with Handy, is getting rather impatient with how slow the machine is going and tries to get it to move faster, only for it to crash into a tree and dump a pile of snow on top of it. Brainy blames Handy for a few bugs in his machine that he supposedly hasn't worked out yet, but Handy says the only bug in his machine is Brainy, whose other glove now flies off his other hand and gets into the Snow Rover.

Soon the Snow Rover goes out of control as it knocks Handy and Brainy off it and almost runs over the Smurfs. However, it also exposes the three snowmen who have been following the Smurfs as Gargamel, Azrael, and Scruple, who suddenly realize that their cover has been blown. The Smurfs make a run for it, but then the Snow Rover comes around and blows the Smurfs right into Gargamel's and Scruple's hands, which makes the evil wizard glad until the machine ends up blowing a lot of snow right into Gargamel's face, causing the wizard and his apprentice to let go of the captured Smurfs as they stumble into each other. After the Smurfs make their escape, Gargamel sees the contraption that soon goes out of commission and then has a brilliant idea of what he could do with it.

Back in the village, Brainy tells the other Smurfs that they would have been captured by Gargamel because of Handy's mechanical failure, which makes the other Smurfs seem to agree until Papa Smurf tells them that fortunately no Smurf was harmed and so there's no need to be so hard on Handy. But after Papa Smurf heads to his laboratory, Smurfette comes outside carrying Baby Smurf to tell Handy that his Heatomatic is making her house so hot that she and Baby were sweating, and Baby's rattle had nearly melted. Tailor comes out to say that his clothes have now shrunk until they're now too small for Baby, and Greedy says his house is now hotter than his oven and has made his biscuits dry as a bone -- not to mention hard, as they hurt Brainy's foot as they drop off the baking tray. All too soon the Heatomatic itself conks out, which leaves the Smurfs without any heat for their homes.

Handy goes back home to his workshop, thinking that he now lost his "smurfy touch" with his current machine failures, when the Devil Smurf pays him a visit to tell Handy that he doesn't need those ungrateful Smurfs who can't even appreciate his successful inventions. Handy finds himself agreeing with what the Devil Smurf said about his fellow Smurfs, that he breaks his back building their homes and fixing their bridges and hardly gets any thanks for it. Angel Smurf then appears to tell Handy not to listen to Devil Smurf, that the other Smurfs didn't mean what they said, but Devil Smurf throws a snowball at Angel Smurf to tell him to get lost. After Handy goes inside his workshop to sit and sulk, Devil Smurf follows him in and tells Handy to leave the village and find friends who can better appreciate his talents while he packs up Handy's things. Handy decides to take Devil Smurf's advice and hit the road despite Angel Smurf's warnings that he could be making a big mistake.

Meanwhile, in Gargamel's castle, the evil wizard is now making a few adjustments to Handy's Snow Rover so that it will now chase after and catch Smurfs. During a test run, the modified machine accidentally sucked up Azrael into it and then ejected the cat encased in a chunk of ice. After breaking Azrael loose from his icy cage, Gargamel is now imagining having the Smurfs on ice once and for all, the thought of which gives him the shivers.

Back in the village, the Smurfs are now complaining because the Heatomatic is no longer working and their homes are getting cold. Papa Smurf assures them that Handy will be able to fix his machine, but then Sassette and Slouchy report that Handy is now missing and has taken all his tools with him. Papa Smurf wonders why Handy would leave the village without telling anyone, and Smurfette and Tailor confess that it may be because of their yelling at Handy when his machines weren't working. Papa Smurf tells them that it wasn't a smurfy thing to do since no Smurf is perfect -- a statement that Brainy amends by saying "almost nobody", which makes Papa Smurf ask Greedy and Tailor if everything they do always comes out perfect, to which they answer no. Brainy tells his fellow Smurfs that they should be ashamed of themselves, but Papa Smurf sees that since Brainy seems to so concerned, he chooses him to be the leader of the search party, which Brainy objects to since he doesn't even have his gloves.

Out in the forest, Handy finds himself getting cold as he reaches a frozen pond, and beginning to wonder how the other Smurfs are doing. Devil Smurf appears to tell Handy that he shouldn't worry about them because they don't care about him. Angel Smurf appears to tell Handy that it isn't true, that the other Smurfs were just blowing off steam, but Devil Smurf knocks Angel away with a tree branch and tells Handy that the other Smurfs treat him like he had never been born. Handy feels that Devil Smurf is right, but then Angel Smurf appears again and shows the village builder a vision on the frozen pond's surface to show him what life in the Smurf Village would really be like if Handy wasn't born.

In that vision Handy sees that the entire village looks rather run-down, with Papa Smurf sadly telling his little Smurfs that they would have to evacuate the village, even as Smurfette barely escapes from a caved-in roof with Baby Smurf. Seeing that vision makes Handy cry and sadly say that that's the saddest thing he ever smurfed. He also sees the Smurfs bravely setting out into the cold to look for another place with live, with Papa Smurf trying his hardest to be hopeful in such a dire situation. When Handy doesn't seem totally convinced by how much the other Smurfs need him, Angel Smurf shows him another vision of what's currently happening: the other Smurfs going out into the forest to look for him, only to encounter Gargamel and the Snow Rover now catching Smurfs and turning them into Smurfsicles. Handy realizes from this vision how much he is really needed and takes his bag of tools with him to go rescue his fellow Smurfs, knocking Devil Smurf into the frozen pond as he turns and heads off in another direction.

Meanwhile, Gargamel continues to watch the Snow Rover catch more Smurfs and put them on ice when Handy shows up, telling his fellow Smurfs that he will save them. Azrael chases after Handy, but as Handy trips over a rock, Azrael trips over Handy's bag of tools and goes flying right into Gargamel and Scruple. This distraction gives Handy enough time to tinker with the Snow Rover and have it back doing its job of blowing away snow, which it does as it blows snow at the terrible trio with such force that they go rolling down a hill into a big snowball and get catapulted onto a tree branch, making Scruple wonder why he ever hangs around with such a "blizzard brain".

Papa Smurf is glad to see that Handy has returned and calls for a party to celebrate, but Tailor turns their attention to the now-frozen Smurfs whom they bring back to the village for Handy to thaw out using his Heatomatic. Brainy shivers as he wonders why it's taking so long for him to defrost, and Handy says he could have done it sooner if it weren't for one of Brainy's gloves getting stuck in the Heatomatic. Smurfette says if it weren't for Handy, they would all be in ice water. Papa Smurf tells Handy that he speaks for the whole village when he says he wouldn't imagine what they would do without him. Angel Smurf appears next to Handy, who looks at him and says that "I can".


  • The story is based on the movie It's A Wonderful Life, which Gargamel says when he sees the modified Snow Rover in action capturing Smurfs.
  • Devil Smurf can be seen eating popcorn as Angel Smurf reveals to Handy what life in the Smurf Village would be like if he never existed -- a comedy trope which TV Tropes lists as Pass The Popcorn.


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