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"Hey, I've got a little surprise for you!"

Jokey Smurf (original French name Schtroumpf Farceur) is one of the main characters of the Smurfs comic books, the 1980s Smurfs cartoon show, and the 2021 Smurfs cartoon show.


He is a jolly yet mischievous village prankster who likes to get a laugh out of seeing his fellow Smurfs fall for his practical jokes, usually at the expense of their patience with him. His most common prank is the exploding giftbox that he usually gives to an unsuspecting Smurf. He never likes it though when a practical joke is being played back on him. He has a sense of humor, although not always good-natured.

Although in the comics he occasionally pulls other pranks, some of which require a large dose of patience and the curiosity of other Smurfs, Jokey's tricks have on occasion saved the Smurfs from Gargamel and Azrael, as well as other enemies.

Role In The Village

Jokey spends his day giving the other Smurfs his exploding gifts or planning any new pranks. Jokey is also a "Master of Disguise", taking up roles like "Don Smurfo" and "The Masked Pie Smurfer".


Jokey just loves to play around with people, no matter how much he irritates them. When you get a look in his house, there are stacks of his exploding gift boxes everywhere. Jokey is also interested in magic, with one of his idols being Malchior the Magnificent.

Curiosity smurfed the cat...

Jokey's pranks will get him in trouble at times, even with the other Smurfs.

The main flaw in Jokey's character is his frankly terrible sense of tact, since he pulls pranks at the most inappropriate moments. For example, in the comic book version of the Astro Smurf adventure, when the whole village is working to get the rocket to the dead volcano, Jokey starts ranting about Astro Smurf, who was being kept asleep with a potion, about to wake up when the others race towards him with the potion. Jokey laughed in their faces for falling for it, which then prompted them to leave him with a black eye.

In King Smurf, Jokey presents Hefty Smurf who has become the captain of the guard with one of his exploding gifts, prompting Hefty to arrest him and bring him towards King Smurf to face Justice. King Smurf took it all in good stride said it was a good joke and send Jokey along his way but before he went Jokey gave King Smurf a present. And was promptly thrown in jail after it exploded in King Smurf's face.

In one occasion with the Smurfs having discovered the Kaplowey Scroll and the said word that would make stuff disappear, Jokey thought he was being helpful in getting the other Smurfs to laugh again. However, the "surprise" prank he pulled on Grouchy made him so angry that it caused him to say the magic word in a fit of rage, with deadly results:

Papa: (Seeing what's about to happen) GROUCHY, NO!

Grouchy: KAPLOWEY! (Jokey vanishes)

Papa: JOKEY!

Grouchy: Oh no! I HATE ... (In a sad tone, regretting what he just did) ...myself...

Jokey found Handy to be an extremely fanatical being when it came to doing repairs on other Smurfs' houses which prompted him to pull a prank which backfired and left him homeless.

Fanatical being, that Handy Smurf...

In the The Smurf Menace adventure, Jokey foiled a plan of Papa Smurf to escape from the Duplicate Smurf village by posing as Gray Smurfs by making a funny remark to a gray Smurf, blowing their cover. When being led away in shackles Papa Smurf looked very angry at Jokey who remarked "I'm so sorry Papa Smurf but the urge just was stronger than me."

Jokey has other hidden talents, such as ventriloquism, which he reveals as his act for a talent show in "Gargamel's Dummy". With much practice, he is able to convincingly imitate Gargamel's voice -- awing the other Smurfs -- as part of his planned comedy act ... using a ventriloquist's dummy of Gargamel to make their sworn enemy look like a bumbling fool. When the real Gargamel casts on the dummy to bring it to life, and the dummy vandalizes the neighborhood, Jokey is blamed, leading him on an ultimately successful mission to clear his name before the dummy can use exploding boxes to destroy the village. The other Smurfs realize what really happened and apologize to Jokey, and his act ends up upstaging Brainy's "Amazing Brainy" act.

One of the very few times Jokey meets his match is in Soup A La Smurf when he presents Bigmouth one of his exploding gifts. Bigmouth then flicks the package inside his mouth and proceeds to eat it, he swallows it and then it explodes prompting Bigmouth to say that while it was good, it also was a bit too spicy for his taste. Also, Slouchy Smurfling wasn't fooled by Jokey's exploding presents. When receiving one, Slouchy asked straight away if it was one of Jokey's exploding presents, Jokey who was in stitches laughing at what was about to happen urged him to open it. Slouchy directed the present into Jokey's direction, making it explode in Jokey's own face and walking off. In the cartoon episode "Jokey's Shadow", his shadow came to life when Mother Nature's magic dust was sprinkled on it and caused trouble even with Jokey. He gives one of his exploding gifts for one of the Gingerbread Smurfs in the episode they appeared in; after it had exploded, he said, "What a joke, huh?" The gingerbread Smurf answers, "You call that a joke?", then throws a bucket of water at him and laughs at him while saying, "Now that's a joke!".

In the Marvel Comics' Smurfs limited series interpretation of "Monster Smurfs", Papa Smurf gets Jokey to stop playing his "surprise" pranks on his fellow Smurfs when he rigged one of them to turn some of his little Smurfs into monsters when opened. However, a little later on, Papa Smurf finds out that his little Smurfs are bored from the lack of pranks, so he allows Jokey to play them once again, proving that despite the fact that the pranks are so annoying, they are pretty much necessary in the life of the Smurfs.

Relationships With Others

While he has no known "Best Smurf Friend", Jokey does share good friendships with certain Smurfs. He also likes Smurfette to a great extent, as shown in "Don Smurfo" where he dressed up as Smurfette's favorite book character because he was sorry that he made her feel bad at the start of the episode.

Karma can be a cruel teacher...

The Smurf that always gets on Jokey's nerves, no matter what, is Brainy. Every time he attempts to give a gift for Smurfette, Brainy will usually come in and either stop him or smash the gift in episodes such as "The Smurfette". Whenever Brainy tries to stop him, Jokey will give him the gift instead, and it always ends with it blowing up (or doing some other kind of prank) in Brainy's face.

Nobody is safe from Jokey's gifts, not even Baby Smurf (except in the original cartoon show where he gave flowers), whom Jokey gifted a musical box which then exploded, causing Baby Smurf to laugh. As it went off, Jokey apologizes to Smurfette, telling her that he just couldn't help himself. He even gives his exploding boxes to Peewit or an unsuspecting monster. When Baby Smurf had to be returned in the cartoon show, however, he became so upset that he said, "That's not funny, not funny at all," and lost interest in his jokes until Baby Smurf returned to make all the Smurfs happy again.


See Jokey Smurf/Appearances.

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In The Movies

The Smurfs (2011)

Jokey appears in the early part of the 2011 Smurfs movie as Clumsy stumbles his way through the village, sliding his way across a table and then through Jokey's house before coming to a complete stop, saying, "Who's clumsy now?" Jokey presents Clumsy with a lame joke and then offers him one of his "surprises", but Clumsy refuses it as he says that he is late for the rehearsal of the Blue Moon Festival dance. The "surprise" ends up exploding on Jokey, but he just manages to laugh it off. Later in the movie, he is mentioned by Brainy as one of the Smurfs he misses. He lastly is shown with the other Smurfs fighting against Gargamel in New York City.

The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol

Jokey appears in The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol as the Smurf who tricks Grouchy into thinking that Papa Smurf has finally given him a hang glider for a Christmas present, only for the present to turn out to be one of his exploding "surprises".

The Smurfs 2

Jokey also appears as a supporting character in The Smurfs 2, substituting an exploding gift card which Brainy fell for when he opened it.

Smurfs: The Lost Village

Jokey appears as a minor character in Smurfs: The Lost Village. He is seen pranking Gullible Smurf at the beginning and then seen pranking Nosey Smurf in the ending of the film.

Smurf Videogames

The Smurfs: The TeleTransport Smurf

Jokey is one of the playable characters in the PC game The TeleTransport Smurf.

Smurf Racer

Jokey is a playable racer in Smurf Racer with a vehicle themed after his surprise boxes.

Smurfs' Village

In the app game Smurfs' Village, Jokey's hut in the main village costs 25 smurfberries.

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In Other Media Presentations

The Smurfs (2021 TV series)

Jokey appears with Harmony in a teaser for the 2021 Smurfs CGI cartoon TV show.

In "Smurf-Fu", he is one of the Smurfs who is kicked out of Smurfette's Smurf-Fu class, so he, Greedy, Dimwitty, and an unnamed Smurf try to scare her to get back at her. In the second attempt, three of four of them are captured by Bigmouth, so the Smurfs rescue them.

In "Diaper Daddy", he is one of the Smurfs who try to save Baby Smurf from Diaper Daddy, who has recently malfunctioned.

In "Who Nose?", he is one of four Smurfs that helps Hefty with enlarging his nose.

He can be seen with his gift box in the pan of the village during "Smurf-Fu", earlier in "Who Nose?", and "Mind the Cat".

In "Joke's On You", he is duplicated into Mini-Jokeys, who wreak havoc among the Smurfs, so he and Vanity Smurf try to save Papa Smurf, who has been strapped onto a rocket by the Minis.

In "Smurf Your Seat Belts", he plays a minor role. He does a joke on Grouchy Smurf, who chases him.

In "Leaf It Alone", he, Brainy, and Chef Smurf believe Greedy is the culprit who ruined their Sasparillia harvest.

In "The Scariest Smurf", his costume is a giant box, which is used to scare his fellow Smurfs.

In "DRIIINNGGGGG!", he is a Smurf who is extremely tired from Lazy Smurf's alarm clock.

In "My Smurf The Hero", he and Papa Smurf get exploded on after Scaredy Smurf sets off a bunch of fireworks.

While he does not speak in "Alien Smurf" (because he was asleep), Gleeko assumes the appearance of him, and thus he is constantly mistaken for Jokey.

In "Bringing Up Smurfy", he examines Dimwitty's parenting skills and tries to teach him the "right" way, which giving Dimwitty Junior a Jack-in-the-Box.

In "The Makeover", he discovers Vanity's design for a new outfit and changes it up a bit, which causes the fight in the episode in the first place.

In "The Pluffs!", his Pluff version appears instead of his normal one, giving Vanity a present before he counters it at him, and he falls onto the wall of a Pluff house.

In "The Majestic 5", several Smurfs are tricked by him into voting for Dimwitty as part of a special brigade.

He does not appear in "Adventures in Smurfsitting" but Baby Smurf takes the wrap off of his gag box, avoiding being covered in soot.

In "The Round Up", he gives Farmer's racing snails a potion that make them go super-fast. He then has to look for them in the forest with Hefty and Smurfstorm.

In "Waffle Wednesday", he is one of the four Smurfs of Chef's crew to ruin Lily's waffles.

In "Funny Mommy", he transforms Poet Smurf into Gargamel's mom. He and Poet subsequently get stuck in Gargamel's hovel, so they have to escape without getting caught by Azrael and later, Gargamel's real mother.

In "Smurfy Secrets", he tells Brainy and Storm his secret to write down in the secret's notebook, which turns out to be "smurfing" in Farmer's fields. He gets revenge on the two by taking their notebook's pages and spreading them around the village. He apologizes and gives the pages back in the end.

In "Fake News", he tricks Poet into writing a fake article, triggering a panic in the village.

He appears in "Stormy Loses Her Mojo" but does not speak, appearing next to Farmer when he wonders how he will get food for his snails thanks to Smurfblossom, who has protected the forest.

In "Smurfboards", he and Vanity wreak havoc in the village with their new smurfboards. Throughout the episode, he plays jokes on Brainy as he teaches them the highway code.

In "The Curse Of The Smurfs' Treasure", he, Brainy, Hefty, and Farmer accidentally touch The Cursed Amulet and he and the others go with Papa Smurf to free him of the bad luck.

In "Pop Out", he uses Grouchy's newfound power of making things disappear set by Gargamel.

He is a part of the clan of many Smurfs who mess around in Gargamel's castle after he has become nice in "Forget Me What?!"


  • His character in the original cartoon was voiced by the late June Foray, with Ronnie Schell serving as her double. Ronnie Schell's portrayal as the character was only heard a few times in the episodes, "The Smurfette" and "Vanity Fare". He is voiced by Kaycie Chase in both the French and English dubs in the 2021 TV series.
  • He shares a birthday with Gargamel -- on Halloween. ("All Hallows' Eve").
  • Various characters have been able to counter Jokey's gifts, such as Vanity in "Joke's On You" (by using magical explosive powder), Slouchy Smurfling in The Smurflings comic book (by turning the gift his way when he's not looking), and Baby Smurf in "Adventures In Smurfsitting" (by taking the bow out).
  • He is allergic to pink paint. ("Calling Dr. Smurf").
  • Jokey "smurfs in Farmer's field as an innuendo. ('Smurfy Secrets")
  • He is a self-taught ventriloquist. ("Gargamel's Dummy").
  • He appears to be skilled in archery. (In "The Masked Pie Smurfer", he shot one arrow per Smurf's door, each time hitting the exact center).
  • When the animated series was made, Peyo was against the Smurfs having personalized, distinguishing looks, but allowed them in most cases. In the case of Jokey Smurf, he was opposed to having him wearing a Harpo Marx-like wig and a spinning bowtie, so he kept his normal Smurf looks.
  • His birthday is on Halloween. (Oct. 31)