King Gerard
King Gerard
Also Known AsPrince Gerard (Formerly)
Voice ActorPhil Proctor
First AppearanceSeason 1
UniverseCartoon Show

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King Gerard (formerly Prince Gerard) is one of the supporting characters of the Smurfs cartoon show, who has appeared on the show up until Season 8. He was a human teenage prince who was to become king when his aunt Imperia had shut him up in a dungeon, making the rest of the kingdom believe that he was suffering an illness so she could take her nephew's rightful place. However, shortly before she was to be coronated as queen, Prince Gerard had an unexpected visitor in the form of Clockwork Smurf, who had fled from the Smurf Village after becoming aware of himself. With Clockwork's help, Prince Gerard fled to the Smurf Village where he received help from the Smurfs in retaking the kingdom away from his scheming aunt. From the day Gerard was coronated as king, he made Clockwork Smurf his personal advisor, and has from time to time even assisted the Smurfs.

He made another appearance in "Return of the Clockwork Smurf" and was almost cast out of power by his horrible uncle Sir Leopold. Had it not been for the aid of his friends and the Smurfs, he would have surely lost his throne.

In "Lumbering Smurfs", he was on holiday at the beach when the Smurfs entered his castle to warn him of tree cutters in the Smurf Forest. It is known that he protects their forest and has a strict law against leveling it in any way, but without him, Clockwork aids them to stop the tree cutters. By the end of the episode, King Gerard appears with soldiers to arrest them, commanding that they plant one hundred trees for every one they cut down.

In "The Noble Stag", he was turned into a stag courtesy of his evil cousin Malcolm the Mean, who then tried to hunt him down and kill him, with the unwitting help of a party of hunters. Once again the Smurfs and Clockwork (despite Malcolm's attempt to dispose of the latter) come to Gerard's rescue.

Known Relatives

He was voiced by Phil Proctor.

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