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You may also be looking for the character by this name, or the original comic book this episode was based on.

"King Smurf" is a Season 1 episode from the 1980s Smurfs cartoon show.


The Smurfs are happily busy working at the village dam when Greedy calls for a lunch break, which every Smurf is glad for since they have worked hard. Smurfette invites Papa Smurf to join them in their lunch break, but Papa Smurf says he must go get some rare wrinkle root that grows on the far side of the mountains, which will take him a few days. He warns his little Smurfs to make sure they finish repairs on the dam, which Brainy promises they will do.

After Papa Smurf leaves, Brainy gets them to continue working on the dam, despite the fact that they haven't had lunch yet. He tries to forcefully get their attention by taking Hefty's hot dog away from him, but all he gets is Hefty sending him scurrying up a tree, asking who the smurf he is to boss him around like that. Brainy timidly says that he is their "natural-born leader", which only elicits laughs from his fellow Smurfs.

Disgusted by the lack of attention he was getting, Brainy decides to get a bit more forceful. He then has Harmony become his official herald, handing him a signal drum and his first decree signed by "King Smurf" -- to respect him or else -- to be read aloud to all the other Smurfs. Upon hearing this decree, Hefty decides to pay Brainy an unfriendly visit to get to the bottom of his being "King Smurf". He tells Brainy that if he thinks he can do anything he wants because Papa Smurf is gone, then he's bananas. Of course, this makes Brainy realize that he can't do this royal leadership thing alone, so he appoints Hefty to be his royal general-colonel-captain of the guard. Hefty then immediately selects some Smurfs to be his loyal soldiers and has the other Smurfs build a palace for King Smurf. While Brainy happily watches his orders being carried out without question or resistance, the village dam suffers leaks as the waters begin to rise to dangerous levels.

King Smurf On Throne.jpg
Brainy always wanted to lead, and now he has his chance king!
King Smurf's Castle.jpg
The castle's just as big as Brainy's head was in the episode.
Jokey The Prisoner.jpg
Jokey learns the hard way that playing a prank on King Smurf puts him in prison.
Smurf Village Fence.jpg
King Smurf seals off the entire village with a fence and moat.
King Smurf Scarecrow.jpg
Papa Smurf finds the proper use for King Smurf's attire.

Sometime later, as Brainy in full King Smurf regalia enjoys being in his new palace, despite nobody but Harmony praising him for it, Jokey presents one of his "surprise" gift boxes to Hefty, who opens it to find it exploding on him. Jokey and some other Smurfs enjoy a brief laugh before he ends up appearing before King Smurf at the end of a halberd. Although at first King Smurf acquits Jokey due to Hefty's perceived lack of a sense of humor, he soon has Jokey arrested and put into prison when he plays a similar joke on King Smurf. This leads to a revolt by the other Smurfs, and later a rebellion group led by Smurfette that breaks Jokey out of prison before fleeing into the forest. Brainy decides to put an end to this, and soon the rebel Smurfs find that Brainy has the other Smurfs build a high fence and a moat to surround the village, keeping them in and the rebels out.

This eventually leads to a charge attack by the rebels to storm the gates, and Brainy as King Smurf has Hefty and his troops fire smurfberries at the rebels to slow them down. Nevertheless, they continue to press on the attack, putting up a ladder against the fence to climb over it. The defending troops try to stop them from advancing by pouring glue on the ladder, but as the ladder tips over, it rips a gap in their fence, allowing the rebels to enter in.

Meanwhile, Papa Smurf comes home to find that the whole village is fighting against one another. His command, "Stop!", immediately gets their attention. He chastizes them for "acting like human beings" and ignoring the danger of the village dam, which causes them to drop what they are doing and get to immediate work on the repairs. They allow the overflowing water to be released through the floodgate, which in turn destroys Brainy's royal palace. Papa Smurf tells Brainy that things could have been much worse, the way that they have been acting lately. Realizing the error of his ways, Brainy relinquishes his role as King Smurf and begins to fix the village with the help of his fellow Smurfs.

As for King Smurf's royal clothes, Papa Smurf has put them to good use by making them into a scarecrow.


  • When Clumsy asks Smurfette what they're going to do, his pants don't have legs.
  • When Hefty tells Brainy that the rebels are heading for the woods, it's daytime when the rebels are shown running, but it is night at King Smurf's palace.
  • After the rebels are shown running to the village after they say that this means war, the leak in the dam is shown. When it is shown this time, it is at the bottom of the dam, but when they pan out and show it again, the leak is in the middle.
  • When Brainy tells Hefty that he will fight to the last smurf, Hefty doesn't have his tattoos.
  • In some scenes, Hefty has a heart tattoo on both arms.

Background Information

Promo for the episode on many DVD releases.

  • This episode is based on the original comic book story of the same name. One major plot difference between that and the cartoon version is that, in the original, a nameless character called Smurf (later known as Pretentious Smurf) becomes king and Brainy goes from being that Smurf's election opponent to King Smurf's loyal follower to a rebel who gets imprisoned in King Smurf's castle until its destruction, when Papa Smurf returns. Also, Smurfette does not appear in the original version.
  • Jokey nearly "breaks the fourth wall" when he ponders on the situation that his being put into prison for pulling a prank on King Smurf was not a joke.


  • To see a transcript of this episode, click here.


  • The King Smurf scarecrow seems to only reappear once or so after the events of this episode, namely in Season 7's "A Long Tale For Grandpa". Unfortunately, it's miscolored and eaten whole by Rera Aphids in the same scene.