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Laconia is a recurring character that first appeared in the episode "Smurfing In Sign Language". She is a mute wood elf who uses sign language to communicate with people, and has taught the Smurfs how to use sign language. Her magic wand makes flowers grow. She just has to touch one species of flower, and the rest bloom. From the point of the cartoon special "Smurfily Ever After" onward, Laconia is married to the wood elf Woody.

The Smurfs first meet Laconia in "Smurfing in Sign Language" as an acquaintance of Papa Smurf's who was invited to the village to help Poet Smurf speak using sign language after losing his voice to Gargamel's curse. It is during this time that Laconia and Poet form a close friendship, and he ends up sharing the usefulness and uniqueness of sign language with the rest of the village.

In "Stop And Smurf The Roses", Chlorhydris kidnapped Laconia in hopes of destroying her which would result in the death of all flowers. Luckily she was saved thanks to the efforts of Natural Smurf and Papa Smurf.

In "Unsound Smurfs", Papa Smurf uses Laconia's sign language to communicate with the Smurflings while trapped in a sound proof magic barrier which proves beneficial in saving the village.

In "Smurfily Ever After", Laconia is seen with her beloved Woody enjoying the feeling of his music, and upon finishing his tune, Woody proposes to Laconia and she happily accepts. They then seek out the Smurfs to help them plan their wedding. During her previous appearances, Laconia was originally portrayed as a regular mute, but in "Smurfily Ever After" she was portrayed as a deaf-mute, as her non-reaction to Gargamel's Ghoulliope would indicate.

Her last appearance was in the episode "Can't Smurf The Music".


  • Her name is derived from one of the regional units of Greece, also known as Lacedaemonia, from which we get the term laconic, meaning "using few words; expressing much in few words; concise".


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