Lazy as he appears in the comic books

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Lazy as he appears in the cartoon show

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Lazy as he appears in the 2017 movie

Lazy Smurf
Voice ActorMichael Bell
First AppearanceSeason 1
UniverseComic Books
1961 Cartoon Show
1981 Cartoon Show
Magic Flute
CGI Movie Series
Name Translation of Lazy Smurf
FrenchSchtroumpf Paresseux
SpanishPitufo Perezoso
GermanFauli Schlumpf
ItalianPuffo Pigrone
PolishSmerf Spioch
Korean게으름이 스머프
Comics Icon1961 TV IconJohan IconCartoon IconFilm IconSmurfs Village Icon
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Lazy (original French name Schtroumpf Paresseux) is one of the main characters of the Smurfs comic books and the Smurfs cartoon show, who has appeared on the show throughout its entire run. He is a Smurf who usually likes to sleep, which at times causes problems with his fellow Smurfs, though sometimes his habits can prove to be a valuable asset, as in the case in "The Smurfstone Quest" where his echoed snoring protected his fellow Smurfs from being eaten by some underground creatures.

And he is also known as loving, affectionate, zany, understanding, silent, mild-mannered, upbeat, respectful, friendly, loyal, astute, zesty, protective, shiftless, merciful, unselfish, realistic and fearless.

In another episode he finally realizes his laziness is seen as a negative quality when they are stranded on a volcanic island. When Handy builds a pedal-powered helicopter to escape the island, all the Smurfs involved are made to pedal save for Lazy, who is given a passenger seat. Lazy naturally considers this an insult, but realizes that is the kind of reputation he has earned. However Lazy is granted a chance to redeem himself when the aftershock of the volcanic eruption renders Handy unconscious save for Lazy, who rushes to Handy's seat and starts pedaling, getting the helicopter away from the volcano only to crash-land in the middle of the ocean. Lazy is not boastful and says nothing about piloting the helicopter, so the other Smurfs do not know how they escaped, certainly not by a lazy slob like him. But Smurfette notices Lazy's hat is stained with oil, which proves that he saved them all by being a heroic Smurf who could indeed work hard in the face of danger.

His character was voiced by Michael Bell in the cartoon show.

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Besides making cameo appearances in Sony Pictures Animation's The Smurfs film series, Lazy also has an appearance in The Smurfs: The Legend Of Smurfy Hollow as one of the contestants of the Smurfberry Harvest contest, although he admittedly collects only one smurfberry. By the end of the story, while Gutsy and Brainy argue over who should get the medal for winning the contest, the medal slips out of their hands and lands looped around Lazy's neck, and thus he was declared the official winner.

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  • Lazy was the first Smurf to be bitten by the purple fly in "The Purple Smurfs".
  • Lazy is neighbors with Brainy Smurf.
  • Lazy along with Handy, Grouchy, and Johan have the same voice actor, Michael Bell.