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From the time video games became popular in the early 1980s, the Smurfs have appeared in various types of games over the years. Most of those games appear in Europe due to the continued popularity of the characters in that part of the world.

This is a list of all known released Smurf video games to date:

Second Gen Game Systems

Atari 2600


Third Gen Game Systems

Nintendo Entertainment System

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Sega Master System

Fourth Gen Game Systems

Sega Mega Drive (Genesis)

Sega Mega CD

Nintendo Game Boy

Sega Game Gear

Fifth Gen Game Systems

Sony Playstation

Nintendo Game Boy Color

Sixth Gen Game Systems

Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Seventh Gen Game Systems

Nintendo Wii

Sony PlayStation 3

Microsoft Xbox 360

Nintendo DS

Eight Gen Game Systems

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo 3DS

Home Computer

Microsoft Windows

Browser Based

Smartphones and Tablets

Apple iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad)

Android mobile devices

Known Issues


Up until the change from standard definition format of broadcast television to high-definition, video game systems have been developed for two different types of TV displays: NTSC, which is used in North America, and PAL, which is used in parts of Europe and Australia. Normally, video game systems made for one region would not work with TV displays of other regions. However, over time and with the game system manufacturers wishing to keep certain games from being sold in different parts of the world for various reasons, the home consoles were region-locked to prevent games of other regions from being played on systems not native to that region. Infogrames, the developer of the Smurfs video games in the 1990s, went so far as to have an internal region lock programmed into the Super Nintendo version of The Smurfs, preventing it from being played on the multi-regional Super Nintendo clone system called the RetroDuo. Fortunately, the region lock did not apply to handheld game systems, as games sold in any region can play on a handheld system from any system without a problem. However, the Nintendo 3DS does have region lock-out, so games sold in different regions cannot be played on units from different regions. The Nintendo Switch, a handheld/console hybrid system, can play games sold in any region without lockouts.


Due to game system hardware and software for older systems being harder to come by, and also due to the above-mentioned situation of region lockouts, most if not all of the Smurf video games mentioned in this list can be played on personal computers as well as iOS and Android-compatible mobile devices through emulator programs, which mimic the functions of the native game systems and play the games stored on ROM files. However, the legality of using emulator programs to play ROM files is questionable at best, even if one actually owns the game hardware and software. Up until its dissolution, the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console allowed for legal distribution of game software that can be played through emulators designed specifically for that system.

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