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Matthew Oilycreep is a character that appears in the story "The Smurfs And The Magic Flute". He is a thief who also happens to be a talented musician, and who also has an association with the wicked and greedy Lord Mumford.

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Note: The following information refers to the Matthew Oilycreep "McCreep" of the "The Smurfs and the Magic Flute" film.

During the story, he learns of a strange magic flute from a merchant who had just visited The King in his castle, hoping to sell a musical instrument to his would-be minstrel Peewit but was sent away too quickly, leaving behind the flute that Peewit got a hold of. Matthew visits Peewit in the castle, pretending to have an interest in listening to his magic flute, but afterward tricked Peewit in letting him use the magic flute in order to steal it from him. Leaving Peewit unconscious, bound, and gagged, Matthew started using the flute to steal from the local townspeople in order to gather enough wealth for Earl Flatbroke to pay for a large enough army in order to take over The King's kingdom.

Sir Johan and Peewit initially chased after Matthew, who then rendered them unconscious by playing the stolen flute toward them. Later, when Peewit obtained a second flute from the Smurfs, he traveled to the remote island off the port of Terminac with Sir Johan to find and confront Matthew. He and Peewit then engaged each other in a musical duel, hoping that one of them would drop to the other's music. But the duel was long and deadlocked, exhausting them both. When the both of them stopped playing in order to catch their breath, Peewit sounded a short blast from his flute, knocking Matthew out.

Both Matthew and Earl Flatbroke were brought back to the mainland and turned over to the law, and the magic flutes were safely returned to the Smurfs.

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He is referred to as Matthew McCreep in the the movie.

Matthew Oilycreep's original French name, "Torchesac," translates into English as "Torchbag."