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Mother Nature is a character that appeared in the Smurfs cartoon special "The Smurfs' Springtime Special" and has appeared in the main series up to Season 8. She is an elderly figure who has control and power over various nature patterns, and is the constant provider of all material blessings in the Smurf Forest. She has white hair tied up in a bun, wears a long bell-bottomed dress, and carries a star-topped wand with her. She lives in a beautiful cottage located somewhere in the Smurf forest.

She also appears in the comic books, with the only physical difference being that she has blonde hair instead of white hair. Her magic is rather limited, as when she tried to use it to protect the forest from an evil man named Fatso who tried to take it over, an imp working for him responded by summoning a plant-like monster named Motro to destroy everything in his path, whom her magic was ineffective against.

Her character was voiced by June Foray.

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