Cartoon Icon.jpg "Mummy Dearest" is a Season 9 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show. It follows what took place in "Hogapatra's Beauty Sleep".


He's going to make anyone who messes with his amulet cry for their "mummy"!

With the time-lost Smurfs still in ancient Egypt, Handy has built an automatic well-digger that would help them find water, which Hefty hopes they will find soon because their water supply is dwindling. Clumsy, meanwhile, is putting the final stone in place of a pyramid house when he slips and falls, only to safely come drifting down with his palm-leaf umbrella. Brainy comes by to offer his wisdom, but Handy gives him a stone block and tells him the best thing he could do is bring it over to Papa Smurf's house. Brainy feels that he would rather use his brainpower to write his new book about his "timeless travels", but the umbrella he's carrying isn't helping him. He tosses the umbrella aside, only for the wind to pick it up and send it flying back towards Brainy, hitting him in the head.

Smurfette comes by and tells Brainy that he should use the umbrella to protect himself from the desert sun, but Brainy in his overconfidence says that he's much too bright to get a sunburn, trying to get Smurfette to recall what he wrote in a previous book about it. She then decides to leave him be, fussing about Brainy making her "burn up" at times. Sometime later, a dragonfly lands on Brainy's nose and wakes him up from his dozing off, who now sees that the sun has burned his writings right off the page and also has turned his skin a bright glowing red. Realizing that he now has sunburn, Brainy cries out for Papa Smurf, who then dresses him up in swaddling cloths and has him lying down inside his pyramid house in order to heal while the other Smurfs tend to his needs.

Meanwhile, as a group of Egyptian slaves are busy building a pyramid structure, another slave resembling the evil wizard Gargamel from the present is fanning a cat wearing a pharaoh's headdress (who resembles Gargamel's cat Azrael) while another servant resembling Scruple is filing the cat's claws. The cat pharaoh Azra gets particularly fussy about something, which makes his servant Gargotec mutter to the other servant Scrupses that he should be getting the royal treatment, to which Scrupses agrees, saying that Azra is a royal pain even though he is the "top cat". Azra takes one look at the food Gargotek has served him and, with great disdain, knocks the bowl out of his servant's hand and watches it flip over to cover Gargotec's face in the awful mess. He asks his ungrateful master Azra what's wrong, and watches him point to the slaves just standing around, taking a break from their tasks. With some painful encouragement from Azra, Gargotec decides to show them that their pharaoh rules with an iron claw.

As Azra's head servant demands to know from the appointed taskmaster why the slaves have stopped working, the taskmaster says that they have run out of stone blocks to complete the pyramid, and that it will take weeks to get more. Scrupses says that Azra wants the pyramid completed on schedule or else he'll have their hides. Gargotec then comes up with a plan: they will steal blocks from a nearby pyramid to finish construction of theirs. Scrupses warns Gargotec that the nearby pyramid is the tomb of the Moon-Eyed Mummy -- a warning that sends the slaves scurrying away in fear. Gargotec scoffs at the warning, telling his "desert deadbeats" to start dismantling the other pyramid or else, while he takes his subordinate over to the pyramid to prove that his fearful warning is groundless.

They enter the tomb, with Gargotec telling Scrupses that the mummy is just a lifeless bag of rags when he sees a glowing ruby pendant around the mummy's neck. Scrupses warns Gargotek not to remove the pendant, but he does and walks out of the tomb with it, saying that it will help him gain favor with Azra. Scrupses quickly and fearfully follows after him, not seeing the mummy behind him awaken to find that his pendant is gone and that he rises with fearsome glowing red eyes.

Back at the Smurf camp, some of the Smurfs are getting tired of being slaves to Brainy's needs as he continues to lie in his bed, still bandaged and suffering from sunburn. Handy, Smurfette, and Greedy stay by his bedside, trying to keep him fed with grapes and entertained with a reading from one of Brainy's books. Some Smurfs come in with more pillows to keep him comfortable while Brainy complains about his bed being lumpy. Smurfette pulls the covers and reveals that it's Lazy making himself comfortable.

Meanwhile, as Azra sits proudly on his throne with his new ruby pendant, Gargotec and Scrupses are busy on their hands and knees scrubbing the floors. Gargotec says that this will be the last time he ever tries to gain favor with the ungrateful pharaoh, while Scrupses tells him he should have left the pendant on the moldy mummy. Back at the tomb, the mummy angrily goes through the treasures that were buried with him, upset when he doesn't find the pendant. He decides to go out of his tomb and search for the missing pendant.

The Smurfs at the camp are now running out of food and water, the latter of which Handy hopes to find with his well-digger soon, due to Brainy eating it all. Greedy's hunger for food causes him to see a giant muffin where there is just a big rock and tries to dig into it, only to find the muffin hurting his teeth. Greedy then realizes that he must have seen a mirage. Grandpa Smurf shows up with Smoogle, carrying an umbrella that Greedy ends up eating the leaves of. The elderly Smurfs tells the younger ones that they need to search for food, which Hefty hopes they will find before Greedy starts eating their straw sandals. Unfortunately, in their search for food, they find a couple of vultures flying overhead, looking down at the four Smurfs and Smoogle as a delicious dinner, who zoom in only to find themselves scared away by something marching in the distance behind them. It is the mummy, still searching for his missing pendant.

After the Smurfs sigh in relief about their dinner date with the vultures being cancelled, Greedy smells food nearby. Grandpa Smurf uses his telescope and sees a feast that he also sees the younger Smurfs being drawn to. He and Smoogle rush after them as they stuff their sacks (and, in Greedy's case, his face) full of food, telling them they'd better look before they lunch as he reaches them. But soon two humans, Gargotec and Scrupses, find them at Azra's banquet table and try to grab them as they escape, only for the bungling twosome to stumble with their faces in the food. The group of Smurfs find a picture of Gargotec on the side of a pyramid and, seeing the resemblance to the evil wizard Gargamel, realize that he must be the wizard's distant ancestor. But as they try to head back to their camp, they run into Gargotec and Scrupses again, who try to pounce on them again. The Smurfs duck for cover in a hole that leads them inside a pyramid, where they think they are safe until they encounter a furry tarantula that scares them back outside -- and into the waiting hands of their pursuers.

Soon the captured Smurfs become slaves working on finishing Azra's pyramid with the stones being taken from the Moon-Eyed Mummy's tomb, with Gargotec whipping them to work harder and faster, warning them to get that block to the top or else they'll become pyramid paste. But as the Smurfs try to work harder and faster, they lose their grip on the rope that's dragging the stone block up the pyramid and send it sliding down on Gargotec, pushing his face in the sand. He looks at them with the delicious thought of feeding his blue slaves to Azra.

Back at the camp, the Smurfs are really at the end of their rope with tending to Brainy's needs and express their concerns to Papa Smurf when Handy shows up all wet. His well-digger has just found water, which makes the gathered Smurfs all happy and rushing to quench their thirst. But Brainy is left all to himself with nobody to watch over him, which makes him wonder what's going on when he hears what sounds like the wind outside his door. He goes out only to find vultures circling overhead, which he conveniently ignores as he leaves the pyramid to find his fellow Smurfs, painfully enduring each step he takes as he does. Out beyond the camp, Brainy finds himself followed by a pack of laughing hyenas who are then suddenly scared off by a bigger bandaged figure passing by in front of Brainy, leaving the bespectacled Smurf wondering what scared them away.

Meanwhile, Azra is looking at four Smurfs and a Smoogle sitting on a dinner plate, wondering about these new delicacies his servants have found while Gargotec and Scrupses ponder about how to serve them, when Brainy shows up at the outskirts of Azra's camp, happy to have found the four Smurfs. He waves at them to get their attention, but the slave workers at the pyramid see him and start to run off, thinking that Brainy is the mummy. Gargotec is wondering what's scaring the slave workers until Scrupses points him to the bandaged Brainy, saying that it's the Moon-Eyed Mummy. This scares Azra and his two servants away as Brainy approaches the table, unaware that a branch has snagged onto his wrapping, causing him to roll down the hill. Gargotec sees that the mummy is really just "another little dummy" and has him tied up along the four other Smurfs ready to be served as the main course for Azra's dinner.

But as Azra is ready to dig in to a fresh taste of Smurf, they hear a rumbling noise coming from the nearby pyramid, and a crash of stone blocks giving way -- it is the Moon-Eyed Mummy, and as he approaches the cat pharaoh's table, he scares Scrupses enough to jostle Azra, causing him to lose his plate of Smurfs who then escape. Gargotec then grabs Scrupses, saying that he'll be calling for "his mummy" when he gets through with his subordinate, when he sees for himself the real mummy coming straight for him. Azra sees some kind of smoke coming from the pendant and shakes it off him before he joins his servants in fleeing the mummy's wrath.

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As soon as they are gone, the Smurfs approach Azra's table again, with Brainy again exalting himself for supposedly showing up to save the day, when the mummy returns again, seeing the pendant now around Brainy's neck. Grandpa Smurf tells Brainy to run into the mummy's tomb, which he does, luring the mummy back into it as he runs. Brainy tries to run back out, but his bandage wrapping gets caught and he gets pulled back in. As the Smurfs pull to keep Brainy from being trapped with the mummy, Grandpa Smurf pulls out a pair of scissors to cut Brainy's "ties to Mummy", catapulting him out of the tomb while the pendant goes back into it before it is sealed shut. Brainy again goes forth to proudly exalt himself before his fellow Smurfs wrap his bandage around his mouth.

Back at the Smurf camp, the Smurfs make a toast to the pharaoh Azra for his "generous" offering of food, including a cake that Greedy dives into to enjoy.

Background Information

  • The title of the episode is a play on the title of the Christina Crawford biography (and later movie) Mommie Dearest. Crawford is the adopted daughter of film actress Joan Crawford (1905-1977).
  • As for the reason Gargotec does not sound like Gargamel, it was reported that Paul Winchell had walked off the show when he read the scripts for the Season 9 episodes and due to the fact that Disney's The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh was in post-production during that time. Him and other Gargamel-related characters during those episodes were voiced by Michael Bell.
  • The character Azra is a continuity nod to the Season 2 cartoon special "My Smurfy Valentine", where Chlorhydris finds that Azrael is a cat descended from royalty.
  • This is the second and last episode that takes place in ancient Egypt.


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