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Nanny Smurf (original French name Mémé Schtroumpf) is one of the main characters of the Smurfs cartoon show, who has appeared on the show throughout Season 8, and has briefly appeared in Season 9's "The Smurfs That Time Forgot". She would later go on to appear in the comic book stories published in Schtroumpf magazine and later on in the main comics themselves starting with "Smurfs Monsters".


Nanny accidentally found herself imprisoned by a haunted house called Castle Captor when she left Smurf Village to go after Grandpa Smurf, and didn't reappear until 500 years later when Grandpa had sensed Castle Captor's return. Grandpa and a few other Smurfs bravely rescued Nanny from the castle before it disappeared yet again. She was accompanied by a pink marsupial-type pet named Smoogle.

Relationships With Others

Nanny Smurf appears to have a very close relationship with Grandpa Smurf, and coincidentally she even calls him "Grandpers". In their first scene together, Grandpa claims he searched "every inch of [the] area" that Castle Captor was in for over a hundred years, but never saw it again. After Grandpa swipes a "surprise" box away from Nanny, she makes an unhappy remark about not even getting a box of smurfberry candy after 500 years, as she loves receiving gifts and assumed it was one for her. This could imply that they were romantically involved before they were separated, but it's never clearly stated or shown otherwise.

However, in "Don Smurfo's Uninvited Guests", as Nanny expresses her long-lived crush on Don Smurfo (calling him a "swashbuckling hunk of Smurf") and Brainy responds with "Well, if you happen to like that type," before happily offering to introduce the two. She has no problem with his implication here (instead, laughing at him for claiming he was friends with the character), nor with exchanging a little playful flirting with Don Smurfo after they're mistakenly transported into his storybook.

It's unknown just how long Nanny and Grandpa knew each other before she was imprisoned inside Castle Captor. Like Grandpa, Nanny likes to tell stories to the younger Smurfs, particularly the Smurflings.

For a while, Nanny moved in with Smurfette, who at one point had had enough of Nanny doing things around her home without permission, such as using her brush on Smoogle. After Nanny finally got a house of her own, she and Smurfette became friends again.

When Nanny was being rescued from Castle Captor, she was eager to look for her 'special friend' and help them escape. This was later revealed to be Smoogle, whom she loves very much.


  • Her character was voiced by Susan Blu.
  • After Brainy and Grandpa, Nanny is the third Smurf to wear glasses, but chronologically may be first.
  • There is no explanation given as to Nanny's origin since all naturally born Smurfs -- prior to Smurfs: The Lost Village, which is non-canon -- are male.
  • Nanny Smurf should know Papa Smurf, and vice versa, as Grandpa knows Papa, and Nanny and Grandpa left at the same time.
  • She has very recognizable knitting.
  • It is unknown if Nanny would have been affected by the depleting of the Long Life Stone in "Smurfquest", as nothing ages in Castle Captor.
  • Nanny is skilled at making hot cakes -- literally, as she makes them incredibly spicy. Greedy finds this out the hard way after he's offered some for breakfast in "Nanny's Way".
  • Smurfette vaguely resembles Nanny when she ages in "Smurfquest". However, that's strictly coincidental, as her elderly design almost entirely matches her disguise from "Smurf Van Winkle" seasons before.
  • Nanny is chronologically the first Smurfette.
  • Unlike Sassette Smurfling, Nanny had some fights with Smurfette; however, they both made peace.
  • Her age in human years is between 83-86 years old, the same age to Grandpa Smurf