Narrator Smurf
Voice ActorTom Kane
First AppearanceThe Smurfs (2011 movie)
UniverseCGI Movie
Name Translation of Narrator Smurf
FrenchSchtroumpf Narrateur
BrazilianSmurf Narrador

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Narrator Smurf (French name Schtroumpf Narrateur) is one of the Smurf characters that appears in the 2011 Smurfs movie, serving as the narrator for the movie's story, usually speaking to the audience. He is distinguished by a jacket and turtleneck sweater that he wears along with a pair of wireframe glasses. He is one of three Smurfs who were created especially for the movie. A running gag in the film is that Grouchy Smurf interrupts every time he narrates, saying "Seriously, stop!" (and, in one scene near the end, "Oh, shut up!"). He reprises his role in the 2013 movie sequel and in The Smurfs: The Legend Of Smurfy Hollow, where he tells a ghost story to Hefty, Clumsy, and Panicky.

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  • Prior to his appearance in the movie, an identical version of Brainy Smurf appears in the cartoon show episode "Clumsy Luck" as a goof.

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