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Nat (short for Natural, his original French name Schtroumpf Nature) is one of the main characters of the Smurfs cartoon show, who has appeared on the show on Seasons 3 and 4 as an adult Smurf, and then from Seasons 5 to 8 as a Smurfling.


He is a lover of all creatures who's not afraid to put himself at risk to save animals that other Smurfs may consider too dangerous, including Gargamel's pet cat Azrael. He is one of the Smurfs responsible for the creation of Sassette. In his Smurfling form, he is identified by a "country bumpkin" type Smurf hat and a pair of brown ragged pants held up by a single suspender around his left shoulder.

As a Smurfling, his main catchphrase in the cartoon show is calling any one of his friends a "hickory nut".


Nat loves nature to the fullest. He is the only Smurfling willing to walk long miles through a forest, just so that he could view the scenery. It's possible he might be a reference to the animal-lover kids who like exploring forests and other environmental places.

Nat is also the nicest of the Smurflings, as he cared about Sassette's feelings when Snappy yelled at her during her debut episode. He has shown concern for many things and doesn't like his animal friends to get hurt.

Back when he was an adult, Nat seemed to have acquired wisdom on animals the other Smurfs did not have for themselves. This is most notably shown in the beginning of "A Pet For Baby Smurf", where he addresses that Azrael is 'neither mean nor nasty', claiming 'a cat is a cat', which Papa Smurf agrees with and the others repeat back to him in a moment of realization.

Nat also has a way with communicating with animals no other Smurf possesses. It was seen in "Never Smurf Off 'Til Tomorrow" that just as three hungry sharks were about to eat the Smurfs, Nat (back when he was a full-grown Smurf) told them 'Blue foods gives sharks indigestion.' They left the Smurfs alone just like that!

Although he can communicate with most animals, he is unable to get through to a few crocodiles in "Kow-Tow, We Won't Bow". But, he has tamed some chimpmunks in "A Circus For Baby", expect it is when he is an adult.


Nat gets irritated with Snappy easily, often yelling at him if he does something bad. Nat also has a steady relationship with Sassette and Slouchy.

Nat also develops a good brother-like bond with Brainy, who attempted to be friends with all animals like Nat was before his de-aging.


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  • Like Slouchy, he was one of the Smurflings who didn't go back in time with the Smurfs.
  • He plays an instrument that looks like a guitar.
  • He is the only Smurfling who had more than one episode appearance as an adult Smurf. He made his debut as an adult Smurf in Season 3's "All Creatures Great And Smurf".
  • In his first appearance as an adult Smurf, Natural Smurf was voiced by Joey Camen.
  • His character was voiced by former "Cow and Chicken" star Charlie Adler.
  • His hat as a Smurfling is a straw hat very similar to that of Farmer Smurf in the comics and movies.